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Among Us is a popular mind game, you need your brain, not the ability to quickly press buttons. By its rules, it’s like the mafia. The team needs to be the first to identify all the traitors and expose them. In turn, the mafia is trying to destroy more civilians.

In the story, 10 astronauts are stranded on a space station. Suddenly did not find out that there are traitors in the company, destroying the civilian employees and occupying the post. The team has only a handful of moves to learn as much as possible about the enemy. You can make a convention with each other, keep an eye on each other, and notify teammates of suspicious identities. A general vote decided that a renegade candidate would be thrown into space and died. It’s important not to make mistakes and choose real enemies, not allies.

How to play this game?

Between us is a great look of trust. A crew can have many individuals and all of those individuals must perform an identical operation. Meaning the game gives you missions so you can restore the ship.

You and your teammates should share these tasks to complete them in the shortest time. If these missions are completed then this game will end with your victory.

There are two methods by which participants can win this game by completing all the missions. Anyway, this can happen if the whole crew works together and doesn’t create an opening for the enemy to sabotage. The opposite means is to use your arguments and destroy the destructor. Arguments can go on endlessly.

Anyone receiving additional vandalism tickets may be subject to action. However, watch out for this because in case you do it inappropriately, it will create many alternatives in favor of the enemy. Stress comes from a variety of sources that force you to make wise choices. However, gamers who are pushed into this example often make inappropriate attacks.

Expert multiplayer mode

This can be a game where you can invite multiple people into the same room. The minimum you can play 1 game with 5 people and the maximum is 10 people. With online battle mode, gamers will encounter many characters from many different regions. They are individuals from all over the world. These characters may have their intelligence.

In case, you meet a scammer with a superior IQ then you will not be able to win this game in all probability. However, this game also has a wi-fi connection mode to play internal matches. Because of this, gamers who share a Wi-Fi plan can create a private room to play with.

Interesting graphics make the game very light

This could be a game designed to draw attention when it comes to spotting vandals. It aspires to give the player a feeling of being more involved in a puzzle game than a role-playing game. The 2D graphics make this game radiate a relaxed, stress-free environment. So you can comfortably have something fun with your loved ones.

Among Us, suspects need to use communication to restore their reputation or shift the team’s attention to another player. This is the only way to avoid death. Everyone has a say, so it’s important to think about your speech and be as convincing and honest as possible. Sanity, logical thinking, social skills, and luck – that’s what will help to win!

Download ( V2022.8.25 )
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