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At the dilogy Star Wars: Battlefront the third part was supposed to appear from the zero – development was in full swing, builds were going, but the game was eventually canceled. Now the story has an interesting twist: someone has discovered an early version of Battlefront 3 for the PlayStation Portable, and then it turned out that this game was already out.

The case is based on a post on Reddit. Someone under the nickname Miss Feepit says: once upon a time, a relative of her fiancé worked for LucasArts and tested games. One of them was Star Wars: Battlefront 3. When the game was cancelled, everything related to the project was sent to Skywalker Ranch.

But they forgot to pick up one test disk for the PSP, and Miss Feepit’s fiancé kept it for himself. The build worked well: you could play the battles against the AI, capture the flag and “Conquest” – the main mode battlefront.

The groom played around with the build and abandoned it. The couple stumbled upon the disc again many years later, searched the web for information, and discovered that no one seemed to have copies of the game specifically for the PSP. That’s why Miss Feepit turned to Reddit: I wonder how valuable such a find is, especially considering that it is still in working order?

Attached to the Miss Feepit post are photos of the CD and the build running on the PSP. There really is a name Star Wars: Battlefront 3however, commentators identified another game in the pictures – Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Nobody canceled it – it was released in November 2009 on the PSP and Nintendo DS.

This is where the second part of the story begins. Elite Squadron once really should have been called Battlefront 3, but the PSP version was prepared separately from the versions for home devices. She successfully passed all stages of production and managed to survive the death of the main Battlefront 3who passed away sometime around 2008.

It is believed that the developments of a portable Battlefront 3 handed over to the studio Rebellion. In 2007, she released a spin-off Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron for PSP – apparently, LucasArts was satisfied with the cooperation. Starring Rebellion portable version Battlefront 3 renamed to Elite Squadrondragged into it many models and systems from Renegade Squadron and in this form was sent to the release.

On Reddit they write that from Battlefront 3 in Elite Squadron some assets, game features, characters and plot remained. It turns out that Miss Feepit got a build not of a dead game, but quite a living one. However, this is such an early version that then Elite Squadron also called Battlefront 3.

The comments strongly advise Miss Feepit to create a disk image and put it on the Web – both in order for everyone to see the build, and for the sake of preserving the game history. Who knows, maybe in this version there are some other curious things that shed light on fate Battlefront 3?

Gameplay of Elite Squadron on PSP.

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