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A darkish shadow emerged along with the missing goddess Lea. Change right into a hero of Angel Knights and rescue the world from the age of chaos. Assemble a knight’s order consisting of a warrior, an archer, and a sorcerer, and experience a model of new thought in idle video games. Purchase the simplest weapons and hone your class experience to assemble the mightiest knights’ order! A regularly altering battlefield and new monsters and rich material await you!

AngelKnights Idle RPG Mod APK 2.21.17 (Unlimited Money)

Hate the almost naked chars as advertising the game, that is lame. PTP, or many ads, although you can play f2p slowlier, the game currently is almost not multiplayer at all, lack ranking even, lack exact explanation of some things, e.g. pet bonus per hero pr per team and more. Well, prob ot would be better. New to the game but seems fun and user friendly. I feel the freedom battles are not balanced because sometime i will make it down to 20 enemies but then i will go again right after i lost and i will get down to 5 enemies and most of the time i am past the stage the the freedom battle represents for example i am currently on stage 6-90 but the freedom battle i am stuck on is 6-5 do you see the problem i am having i should be on freedom battle 6-9 not 6-5 but other than that i have no issues and main BP is over 100 mill. fun game, i bought the no ads pack and it was worth it, but, I'm experiencing a big where when i try to open the advancement tab it says that i must complete the tutorial, but the tutorial quest in gone. in game chat told me to do /help, which i did, but i just received a message from the system that said "the help command is still under development" other than that it's a nice game edit for the devs: I'm on the global server and my nickname is kotarrt, but i couldn't find an actual player id. Fairly mediocre, nothing new compared to existing idle rpgs. Not sure why its rated so highly. Likely a 3-4 star but putting review a bit lower to balance it out.. too sad this good game is full of modders.

Only been in game for little bit. But seems pretty straightforward like most AFK games.. I can hardly log into the game at times with Google play, keep me stuck on login screen after I select Google login. Edit: Its been 2/3 days since iv been able to login to the game and I'v spent money on the game. PvP ranking & Rewards seems broken how can I be at 1544 points and only be rank 6152 however rank 2 is at 1544... Missed out on 4k medals and 20k gems for two weekly rewards now.. Edit 4: I can access my account again, and I also changed my rating to reflect that. Thank you, and I really appreciate you guys for going this extra mile to get me able to log into the game again, as I've been enjoying it a lot. I updated my game just a moment ago, and now all of a sudden I can't play it with my Mobile data because it says I'm not connected to the internet. Was a great game until this occurred. If it's a bug then I hope it gets fixed soon. Can no longer play the game because of error on launch "Access Blocked: game has not completed the Google Verification process. Game may only be accessed by developer approved testers." Never had a game give this error before =/.

Its fun and holds my interest but a leaderboard that gives rewards based on your position that dosent track right is not ok with me. Fun little idlegame and time waster. However a few bugs so far. Unable to access bag or inventory. Unable to access character portrait or profile, Unable to change chat icon, player profiles are in a different language than what is specified, mercenary camps dont award the right currency that's just to name a few. Other than that love the grinding/merging aspect of weapons and classes to get stronger is a nice concept and love the multiple ways of growing your characters. Also love the cute art.. Can't play due to game error. I tried logging in through Google play games, it keeps telling me it's in testing and I'm not s developer (obviously) but everyone else seems to have access... I'll change rating when im able to play the actual game Edit: And yes all apps are up to date. Nice way to pass the time.. Very good gqme im in like top 500s right now.

Dis game is so fun to play, the quests aren't that too hard. Do your best on the game.. It's a disappointment. It's fun for a day, but be prepared for the ads or spending a bit to get rid of them. To be fair it's cheap to remove but I don't wanna because the scaling in the game is garbage designed to make you spend or watch ads. It's a ripoff of another game I played before but they seemed a little better but still not good. Duels are broken also. Lost some keys and lost points because the game didn't respond. Duels just seem laggy and you are punished for it.. not sure what realy happened just logged in and it said to restart the game, then i tried and after that i deleted the game thinking well mabey it will work next time if i deleted it, so realy its my fault so im realy sorry for the complaint. Realy fun game overall id highly recommend it to people. Seems like a decent idle game, and it starts great, but you'll hit a point soon enough where gold becomes worthless and the whole progress spins around countless summoning where you have to invest ridiculous amounts of diamonds just to upgrade the summoning level and only unlock miniscule odds of obtaining high tier equipment. Would be much better having a fixed drop rate for all rarities right off the bat, rather having to drain resources into such system.. Very good. More character customization and outfits would be nice but the angel set actually looks really good. Played about 4 hours straight and havent really come across any complaints. Not a fan of the battle pass being non grindable f2p and diamonds run out relatively quickly, though to be mostly expected for a free mobile game. F2p progression seems nice and still enjoyable and would definitely recommend this one.

Quite fun but a lil buggy. Looking it so far, not to deep into game yet. Aww man.... welp I lost my progress and my account on the game. Don't know what's going on, everything is on auto and I push where the red dot appears.. Fun, easy going, friendly user interface, and nice idle game..

Remove the flashing blue arrow it's so annoying so when I fail at something I can do my upgrades without it there gheez. Graphics are cute, 3 hero system is unique, and the monetization seems quite fair. I was so drained from these types of games that I stopped playing them but this one feels a little different. Hoping for more social interaction forward, a main problem with idle games is that it's online but just feels like you're playing a single player game and at that point they should just make them that way. Here's to hoping!. Copy and paste game. There are better clones out there. I honestly really enjoy it. There's alot if tabs buy you'll get used to it.. Buy it idk why but do it.

Pre-registered for this, seems pretty alright from the first couple minutes. Easy to get through the beginning quests, and I'm sure it'll be a hell of a grind much later, as to be expected. I'll sink some more time into this (though not planning on spending any money.). The games great, not to hard not to easy. Watch your stat putting cause it'll be a major roll. Even though it just released, it's awesome!. Forced ads. Instant uninstall. Otherwise looked decent - nothing spectacular.. This game is really terrible and weird. I don't even know how else to describe it, I just don't like it at all..

It's good, not my kind of game, little to fast for me.... So far it's a good game kept me enticed for hours.. Id 100% play if they had custom character customization or anything customization wise but if they did my review wouldnt be this.. It's ok so far but there is a lot of menus that aren't translated and confusing. It has potential to improve.. Awesome game I love it I hope it will last forever.

Amazing game in my opinion best idle rpg out there thank you for making this game much love to the developers. what an actual mess of ui and in game purchases, i dont remember pre-registering for this but jeez this is like the most generic auto mobile game ive seen yet.. It's a good game no bugs or glitchs.

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