Codes - Updated on August 1, 2022

Anger Of Stick 4 is a hit with over 30 million fans around the world. You have to do everything to survive in a city that has been turned into ruins!

List of Discount CodesExpiration date
O5JUCSE6QBLSeptember 20, 2022
A6FL7GIKURSeptember 4, 2022
4XOWHZB6USeptember 26, 2022
46S0BCLD5J8August 23, 2022
COJ34BKT0SWNSeptember 27, 2022
9N37Z1TQW8KSeptember 29, 2022

You will need to collect the heroes available in the game. This is a very exciting activity that will interest you for a long time! Battle scenes can be organized with the participation of 4 colleagues in the game.

With the achievement of new results and victories, your experience and the character of your hero will grow. All victories can be shared with friends using the worldwide FaceBook network. Team battle mode available! The developers of the game did everything in such a way that the application would be as interesting as possible for everyone. Now you can see for yourself! Enemies will not be killed without your help.

More than 600 levels are available in the game, during which new elements will appear that give the hero new abilities. You will have to fight with more than 200 types of enemies, and this is not only difficult, but also very interesting.

The game is intended only for the strongest and bravest heroes. Are you exactly like that? Then forward towards danger, and you will definitely come out of the battle as a winner!

Download ( V1.1.7 )
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