GiftCode - Updated on June 9, 2023

Anger of Stick 5 is another zombie apocalypse themed game. Aggressive zombies attacking people appear in the metropolis. The main characters have no choice but to wage a constant and continuous fight against ferocious mutants. To do this, the heroes should still combine common efforts, since it is more difficult to fight alone. And now he is already moving through the streets of the city, repelling the attacks of zombies. And although there are enough weapons to repel the attacks of evil mutants, it will be useful if three to six friends come to your aid. And yes, it’s more fun to play!

Use mission mode and zombie mode. In order for the zombie mode to work for you, you need to purchase at least one ally for 40 thousand game coins. It is possible to choose weapons, assemble a team, use elements of parkour, RPG, helicopters, hostages, fighting game, shattering furniture and other items.

Here you also need to strive for victory at any cost. By winning fights, you not only move up in the standings, but also replenish your gaming account with currency and bonuses. Don’t forget to level up your game characters, improving their abilities, and hence their abilities!

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