Angry Birds Blast MOD APK (Latest Version) 2.6.9

Updated on June 10, 2024

Name Angry Birds Blast
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Category Game New
Version 2.6.9
Price FREE
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Angry Birds Blast APK
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Angry Birds Blast – An Exciting Adventure with Everyone’s Favorite Angry Birds

Angry Birds Blast offers a unique adventure with everyone’s favorite Angry Birds, who once again are on a mission to fight against the piglets, but this time in a whole new and exciting game format that is sure to capture your attention.

Save the Imprisoned Birds

The evil piglets have imprisoned the poor and little birds in balls, leaving them in a state of suffering. Your task is to rescue them using your logical skills. Simply click on balls of the same color to burst them and release the little birds, adding them to your army.

Unlock Bonus Items and Power-Ups

As you progress through the levels, you will unlock bonus items that can help you free up space and achieve higher scores. Test your skills in the numerous challenging and exciting levels as you strive to free the birds and collect points.

Set Records and Earn Rewards

Compete in Angry Birds Blast to set records, earn rewards, and complete stages with three stars. The game guarantees fun and excitement as you pop bubbles and progress through various levels.

Game Features

  • Tons of incredibly fun levels
  • Play in offline mode anywhere
  • Challenging puzzles to keep you engaged
  • Awesome power-ups and bonus items to aid you
  • Weekly additional quests to add variety
  • Connect via social networks and compete with friends

Angry Birds Blast offers a range of game features including numerous levels that promise fun and entertainment, the ability to play offline, challenging puzzles to keep your mind sharp, and various power-ups and bonus items to help you progress.

Engage in additional quests provided weekly to keep the excitement alive and connect with your friends through social networks to compete and climb the rankings.

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