Codes - Updated on October 12, 2022

Animal Warfare is an epic mobile strategy game featuring massive animal battles. Gather a unique army of different animals, upgrade your units and conquer the most formidable opponents. Lions, bears, wolves and not only predatory animals are ready to fight on your side. Do not expect the same type of battles – each beast has unique abilities and will be useful in specific situations, so be careful about the composition of the combat squad. Minimalistic graphics, exciting battles, cool boss battles, a wide variety of animals, a challenge mode and other features of the game make it bright and memorable.

Animal Warfare
 Codes 2022 October 2.9.7
All Codes Expiration date
7E4G9Q0R8HW November 9, 2022
F4XM7WTDBQ October 16, 2022
LE98V2RSF December 2, 2022
SD1RW8FUMPL December 2, 2022
EL64DJAYF10O November 21, 2022
V50ELDP1RZ8 November 10, 2022
PJM5EU1RSDY November 13, 2022
5W8O7NCRDX November 21, 2022
5P6NG2ZR8 October 28, 2022
UPW5BGITNAX October 19, 2022
QGNC6FDKVLUS October 13, 2022
JBV320M5D7W November 20, 2022

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