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The basis for the gameplay of Animatronic Salvage is a separate part of the FNAF 6 game, where the player had to control an electric current to calm the robotic puppets. Now the task has become more complicated: while the animatronic is sleeping, the hero must have time to repair all of its components. Sometimes robot dolls wake up and become aggressive: if they are not calmed down in time, they will bite the mechanic. Under such conditions, the user needs to repair all six dolls.

Character catalog

The developers of the frightening puzzle have added characters to the game that should be well known to all fans of the FNAF horror series – Freddy the bear, Bonnie the bunny, Chick the chicken and Foxy the fox. At the same time, the dolls have two modifications: Withered and Rockstar. In both cases, the characters retain their names, but their characteristics change. Before starting the level, the user chooses which animatronic he will repair today.

For a more successful passage under the portraits of the dolls, brief hints have been left that give the player the opportunity to quickly turn off the robots when they become uncontrollable. After completing the main tasks in the Withered category, the hero will unlock access to an additional level with Golden Freddy. Once the player has repaired all of the Rockstar animatronics, they will be able to complete the quest with Lefty.

Features of the passage

During the repair process, a conditional drawing will periodically appear in front of the player: it reflects the state of the animatronic. Each robot has 6 parts: two legs, two arms, a torso and a head. There are also scales on the drawing – they show how much one or another part of the body has been repaired. To switch between limbs and torso, the player must click on the animatronic silhouette located to the left of the scales.

After leaving the repair menu, the player will see a table in front of him, at which a robotic doll is sitting. In addition to the robot, there is a switch near the table: it can be used to activate the electric current. In addition, musical instruments can be located in the workplace, which are also necessary to calm aggressive robots. The faster the player puts the animatronic to sleep, the higher the chance of successfully completing the level.

In order not to fall into the clutches of an evil doll, the mechanic must periodically check whether the robot is sleeping. To return to the main screen (with a table), use the corresponding button located at the bottom of the screen. If the animatronic still managed to get to the player, before the end the hero will see a jumpscare, and then white noise.

mobile version

To date, the official version of Animatronic Salvage is only available for Windows devices. However, fans of mobile gaming can indulge themselves by downloading a fan-made port of the original game to their phone. The fan version retains all the benefits of the gameplay, including a rich catalog of characters. The changes are mainly related to the adaptation of the interface and control to the capabilities of smartphones.

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