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Annelids: Worm battle is not just an adventure game. This is a real war of underground creatures – worms. Now they are not harmless creatures, but monsters armed to the teeth. You will become one of these worms. The goal is to survive at any cost.

List of Gift CodesExpiration date
C5JN24XGU9LSeptember 15, 2022
40M3ZUA5YROctober 1, 2022
S6WXZMY1LSeptember 9, 2022
EVNUXSB20T8August 4, 2022
580SGKLJTPRDSeptember 9, 2022
LPX4TMQ2G50September 20, 2022

Think over your tactics with which you can easily defeat your enemies. Fortify the tunnels to hold back the onslaught of the enemy. And destroy enemy dungeons in order to weaken the opponent’s forces. Your attention will be offered more than 20 types of unique weapons, including top-secret ones. Confidently crush the enemy forces to get it. You will not be bored, more than 30 exciting missions of varying difficulty guarantee this.

You have a choice. Fight alone against the dodgy artificial intelligence. Or assemble your team of friends and show opponents from all over the world what you are capable of. There are 4 completely different campaigns available in multiplayer mode. Will you go on the attack or do you have better defensive abilities. All this can be tested in an addictive gameplay.

Are you ready to join the army of worms? Then download Annelids: Worm battle to your gadget and dive into the fascinating underground world.?

Download ( V1.116.2 )
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