News - Updated on March 27, 2022

Studio Supermassive Games remains true to herself and continues to make game horror films – after Until Dawn and series The Dark Pictures (she, if anything, has not yet ended) the developers presented the horror The Quarry. This time the publisher is 2K.

Tie at The Quarry standard. On their last day at summer camp, a group of teenagers decide to throw a party. The holiday turns into a nightmare when the heroes are hunted by bloodthirsty locals and something even more sinister.

You have to alternately manage no less than nine characters. As usual with Supermassive, the course of the plot depends on your decisions. Do you dare to peek through the door? Will you go to the screams in the forest? Will you save your friends or run away? Each hero can die before dawn or become the star of the show.

Horror can be played alone or with friends. In online co-op for up to eight participants, invited participants vote on key decisions, while in local mode, each user selects and controls a character. The difficulty of the gameplay is flexibly adjusted to suit any skill level – there is even a movie mode for those who want to watch The Quarry like a movie.

In general, cinematography plays an important role in The Quarry. The developers promise high-tech facial animation and movie-like lighting, and the main characters are portrayed by Hollywood actors:

  • David Arquette (series “Scream”),

  • Ariel Winter (TV series Ariel Winter) “American Family”),

  • Justice Smith; “Jurassic World”),

  • Brenda Song (Brenda Song; “Chrysalis”),

  • Lance Henriksen; “Aliens”),

  • Lin Shaye; “A Nightmare on Elm Street”).

The Quarry launches June 10 on PC (Steam), PlayStation and Xbox.

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