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Today, when the number of various platformers – in the spirit of 16-bit classics or three-dimensional, with or without metroidvania elements – tends to infinity, it is very important to stand out and show your own face. And the authors of Another Sight succeeded 200%. Before us is a sort of steampunk variation on the theme of “Alice in Wonderland”, in which Alice is an almost blind girl named Kit, the white rabbit is replaced by a ginger cat, and the role of the Mad Hatter at some point takes on … Claude Debussy. You can also meet Claude Monet, Jules Verne, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Helena Blavatsky there.

whale in wonderland

The plot in Another Sight is just as shaky, based primarily on feelings and impressions, on emotions, and not on logic, like Claude Monet’s impressionistic painting or Debussy’s music. Girl Kit somehow ended up in a London Underground tunnel, and after it collapsed, fell underground, lost her sight, but met a strange fiery red cat with multi-colored eyes named Hodge, who eventually takes her into an even stranger place. underground city.

Representatives of both creative and business elites live there. And all because somewhere nearby there is a certain artifact, a Node that generates powerful energy that feeds inspiration, gives strength and even allows you to think about rebuilding the world – well, or at least about how to dispel the London fog and install exclusively sunny weather (this is, of course, the project of Nikola Tesla).

The inhabitants of this strange settlement are actually divided into two camps, depending on their views on how to use the energy of the Node. Claude Monet, Jules Verne (naturally living on the Nautilus), Debussy and Nikola Tesla are, conditionally, humanitarians who want to use it for creativity and science. Others, led by Thomas Edison, Keith’s uncle, are practitioners and industrial entrepreneurs with all the consequences. And the appearance of our heroine here should finally resolve this confrontation. Everyone believes that it is Keith who is able to detect the very source of this energy and directly interact with it, in order to ultimately decide which side to take.

Another Sight game review

Sometimes our heroine resembles Lara Croft.

History in the style of impressionism

It turns out a very touching and emotional story. A blind girl who focuses only on hearing and sounds, and therefore constantly calls the cat (when he meows, this helps her better navigate in space and move faster), gets into the society of her idols, where everyone wants something from her.

And she just wants to return to the surface as soon as possible, to find out what happened to her father, the brother of Thomas Edison. After all, she is very worried about the fact that her mother left them with her dad. And I still hope that she will return and everything will be as before. For Kit, this becomes a journey to her own Monolith – as for the heroes of the story “Roadside Picnic” – from which she can make a cherished wish. The choice that Keith makes determines not so much the fate of some world out there – this is not so important for her – but her own.

And all this – under the sad piano modulations of Debussy and in the entourage of the impressionist painting of Claude Monet, because those muted colors and stylistic devices in which the picture is drawn when we look at the world with Keith’s unseeing eyes, resembles just his works.

Do you have a lump in your throat too? And it doesn’t matter that from a logical point of view, the plot plot is, to put it mildly, strange. And in general it is not clear whether it was all in a dream or in reality. Or is it the consequences of hitting his head on the ground: the child, who is very worried about the destruction of his family, probably just dreamed everything and the girl wishful thinking? But here it is not logic and rationalism that are important, but the feelings, impressions that all this produces. Pure impressionism.

Another Sight game review

Switching to a cat allows us to assess the situation and understand where we are at all.

Warm cats

Directly in the gameplay, of course, there is much more rationalism – and here Another Sight, like any impressionist work that enters the hostile territory of logic and reason, begins to have some problems. The main mechanics is built on the interaction between a blind girl and her cat, which actually serves as a guide.

Most often it looks like this. Switching to the cat, we see the world around us in normal lighting and run, jump, climb pipes-walls-floors to press a button and open the gate / lower the stairs or do something else like that and give the blind girl the opportunity to go further.

Switching to it, we are slowly and sadly, because apart from the illuminated silhouette of the main character, the rest is hard to see, we are going somewhere to again press the lever. At the same time, we constantly shout: “Hey, cat!”, And he meows in response – if he is within reach, then this increases the halo of light around the girl’s figure, allowing her to better navigate and even run.

And everything would be fine, everything is very nice (you should see how lovingly the cat is drawn, which, like a living one, meows and periodically licks), but the control (especially the tailed one) is too unresponsive and naturally infuriates during jumping exercises, and such situations themselves from time to time at times are repeated throughout the game.

Another Sight game review

Why not impressionism?

Let there be sound!

No, here, of course, there are other riddles and situations. For example, we open a hole with a cat and let the wind into the location – the rustle of leaves and flowers helps Kit to better navigate and move on. Or we drive away the mice so that they squeak, sitting under a wooden flooring, between which and the girl there is only emptiness – their squeak again will help the heroine to see where to jump.

It’s even funnier when the cat, with its meow, makes the same mice spin furiously like squirrels in a wheel, and generate the energy necessary to start the next mechanism (we still have steampunk here!). In addition, sometimes you have to control the taps, direct the light through the mirrors to the flowers, so that they close and free the passage. There are traps and mandatory exercises with boxes. And in the final third, even stealth begins, where the cat acts as a bait, distracting the guards with its impudent mustachioed muzzle and persistent meow so that the Kit can sneak past. And, of course, there was a mystery associated with Debussy’s music.

But still, there are fewer non-trivial situations than we would like, and stealth in the finale also quickly falls into a routine as a result. In addition, it is not very clear how a blind girl can interact so actively with objects and levers and even climb steep surfaces, almost like Lara Croft – it seems that the authors themselves did not fully understand how to beat her blindness. On the other hand, you can understand them – it’s really hard to find the right approach and strike a balance between realism and the necessary conventions, given that we still have a platformer here, and not a simulator of a blind man with a guide.

Another Sight game review

The whale will jump only if the cat meows on the other side of the obstacle.


In any case, Another Sight is a very interesting and emotional adventure in shaky impressionist tones, embellished with unusual mechanics of interaction between a blind girl and her cat. Yes, the authors, as they say, underestimated this concept, but I would still recommend the game for acquaintance to all connoisseurs of interesting stories – after all, where else can you chat with Claude Monet, Helena Blavatsky, Debussy and Jules Verne chained in an exoskeleton?

Pros: emotional story; unusual mechanics of interaction between a blind girl and a guide cat; the opportunity to communicate with great creators and scientists; stylish picture; gorgeous voice acting.

Cons: inconvenient control in the platform part; Lots of repetitive situations and puzzles.

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