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Still, it’s good that large multiplayer projects can not do without preliminary tests. If Anthem came out on February 22 in the form in which it was presented to the public over the weekend, it would be difficult for BioWare to rehabilitate itself. On Friday, the game did not work at all, a few hours later it was somehow fixed, but many problems remained unfixed. The loading of any activity hung at 95% – I had to turn everything off, restart and restart. And in the end, when the received rewards were shown, the game crashed with an error.

The developers promise to improve the stability of the servers before the start of open beta testing, which is scheduled for February 1st. The only question is whether they will be able to detect the causes of problems in such a short time, which during internal testing either did not occur at all, or were extremely rare. I would like to believe that they can – judging by the content available in the demo, Anthem will turn out to be a fun, dynamic action game with great potential.

Other BioWare

It is difficult to evaluate the storyline based on the three missions presented. We do not start the passage from the very beginning, our character has already been pumped up to level 10 – it will not be possible to find out what will happen before and after that until the release. The walkthrough of the “demo” begins in Fort Tarsis, a place where players will have to communicate with other surviving people, take tasks, improve the exoskeleton and just spend time away from danger.

The Fort can be called the exact opposite of the Tower from Destiny. If outside of it we see the world from a third person, then here we observe everything with a view from the eyes. Fast running is disabled, although the developers have already specified that this will be changed by release. It is impossible to meet other players – even if you completed the mission with your squad, you will not be transferred together. Perhaps there are reasons related to the plot or the decisions made in the dialogues.

As previously announced, Anthem’s dialogue is nowhere near as branched as BioWare’s single-player RPGs. Only two lines are offered here, and in the story cutscenes you don’t have to choose answers at all – judging by the three available tasks, the character says what the writers wanted. But in conversations with secondary characters, there is a little more freedom, and these characters already in the demo seem to be one of Anthem’s strengths. Suffice it to even remember the bartender who asks the player for advice, and the next time he talks about the consequences of his actions. It’s not boring to chat with these NPCs, but if all this does not affect the world or tasks in any way, it will be a great pity.

Anthem preview

The first fitting of the javelin will most likely take place under different conditions.

ceremonial suit

In the fort, you can also customize your own javelin – this is the name of the armor in which the characters go outside the safe zone. You can’t create your own person – they only allow you to indicate his gender (that is, take a female or male voice for yourself), but the appearance cannot be changed in any way. But the javelin has a lot of settings – you can choose the color for individual parts, cover the suit with dirt or scratches, stick vinyls. No stupid one-time shaders from Destiny 2 – do what you want.

But upon departure from the settlement, freedom in customization becomes less. Many other similar games allow you to change weapons on the fly or choose a different helmet if its characteristics are better suited to a particular situation. In Anthem, the player who takes a bad gun will be forced to suffer with it until the end of the expedition, and he won’t be able to put on things picked up from defeated enemies right away – he won’t even know what exactly fell to him until he completes the task. At this stage, it’s hard to say whether this will be a serious disadvantage, but experimenting with new equipment will certainly not be very convenient.

But in battles there is a lot of freedom, including thanks to the ability to fly above the ground. One of the main components of Anthem is verticality: you don’t just lazily run from one cover to another or jump, but you can rush around the entire location, hover in the air, jump over stones and rocks. The gamepad control is very convenient, and for three missions with an additional “dungeon” the fights did not have time to get bored. Claims can only be made against opponents who react poorly to your attacks – they simply “absorb” shells and bullets into themselves, after which they die.

Anthem preview

In the game, you can turn off the damage numbers.

In many ways, the combat system in Anthem is designed to use the abilities of the javelin. You don’t need to wait five minutes for the grenade to regenerate – the second time it will become available before you want to use it. But not only grenades can be in the player’s arsenal – the Colossus javelin, for example, will be able to install a flamethrower and a module that releases electric discharges, which is not only great for fighting opponents, but also allows you to perform combos over and over again.

This isn’t really explained in the demo, but using certain abilities in sequence leads to devastating effects and even activates bonuses that are unique to each javelin. In the case of the same “Colossus”, for example, around a target hit by any combination, additional damage will be inflicted to nearby opponents. In the Ranger, the bonus damage does not go around the target, but only on it (this javelin was the only available suit in the demo until level 12). After a short boost, the game allows you to choose a second javelin, and in the full version, you will be able to freely switch between them in the fort – you won’t have to create a new character and replay the plot.

Anthem preview

We fly into hell.


Such combinations, exciting battles and flexible appearance customization make Anthem at least an interesting game, not without depth. Perhaps, after tens of hours, it will be possible to collect such builds that even at the highest difficulty level (where the health and damage of enemies increase by 3100%), opponents will not inspire fear if your squad has experienced freelancers with the best equipment who know all the intricacies of the gameplay. So far, there are few complaints about the gameplay – it remains only to find out how things are with the plot, the open world, the “endgame” and whether everything will work correctly in February.

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