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Managing people and shooting at the same people or humanoid aliens is sometimes annoying. I want something fresh, original, innovative. An action game, the idea of ​​which seems to lie on the surface, but has not yet been implemented by anyone. Ape Out fits this description perfectly – here a distraught gorilla runs around the laboratory and beyond and takes revenge on scientists and security guards for bullying.

Harambe’s revenge

The game does without unnecessary screensavers, introductory videos and dialogues. The story (if you can call it that at all) begins in one of the rooms, where a gorilla sits in a cage, and workers around it are busy with something. By pressing one button, you break the cage, with the same button you swing your paws and throw enemies into the walls, leaving only pools of blood in their place. You escape from the room, get into the corridors and kill everyone in your path – otherwise you yourself will die.

At first it seems that the gameplay is terribly primitive – just go from corner to corner, beat everyone up and go on to create chaos. However, very soon it will be necessary to use another skill of the gorilla more often – to grab people and objects. Thus, you acquire a shield that repels projectiles, and the captured guards can be thrown at other poor fellows in order, as they say, to kill two birds with one stone.

The primate dies from three bullet wounds, that is, they still allow a couple of mistakes to be made. However, at some levels it doesn’t get any easier, and running into the crowd in the hope of the best is not always the ideal solution. The locations are for the most part quite spacious, often they are full of shelters, including walls, columns, partitions and pieces of furniture – these objects are enough to turn 90 degrees at the sight of the enemy and go around from the other side, grabbing the victim from behind and turning her into a human shield.

Ape Out game review

The door will protect against any shots and can be an excellent weapon.

Locations are randomly generated and change after each death, which not only makes the gameplay more diverse, but also makes you react differently to danger. It sounds silly, but this feature makes the game a little more realistic – you feel like that same frightened gorilla who finds himself in an unknown place, unable to predict what awaits her behind the next door. Perhaps there will be a hall with several columns and you will be able to slip past everyone in zigzags, or you may have to quickly look for a neighboring corridor and flee.

Although the essence of Ape Out does not change until the finale, and the monkey does not acquire new skills, it will not be boring here thanks to the changing conditions. Either you run along the corridors of the laboratory, then you go down from the top floor of the skyscraper to the bottom one and throw office workers out of the windows, then you bypass the flamethrowers and try not to hit the hero with another blast wave. Sometimes the gorilla gets into narrow corridors where there is nowhere to run and you have to destroy all life, and in one of the episodes the electricity will turn off and the opponents will arm themselves with flashlights, from the light of which it is desirable to hide.

sentient primacy

There are also enough subtleties that you learn as you progress. Different types of opponents react differently to blows and attempts to throw them at the wall or at their teammates. Squishy things like scientists and regular guards fall apart instantly. But armored enemies do not give up so easily – other people must be thrown at them several times before they die. There are exploding opponents, upon detonation of which everyone standing next to them turns into a mess. Grabbing them and using them as a shield is a controversial decision, because it only takes one bullet that hits them to explode. Yes, guards and soldiers here can kill each other, which is also important to consider in some episodes.Ape Out game review

Even if the alarm went off, the main thing is not to panic.

Ape Out lets you play it the way you want. If you wish, you can be a pacifist and attack people only in cases where there is no other way out, even if this happens often. Or you can clear each room and leave no one alive, but then it will be especially disappointing to lose all progress and start the episode again in case of death. Although, due to the random generation of levels, you still have to combine styles: either be careful and lure people one at a time, or think over tactics right on the go and accurately throw exploding guards into the crowd to eliminate several enemies at once.

That’s why you don’t get tired of Ape Out as you would from some senseless Hatred. There are enough interesting ideas here so that the gameplay does not bother you throughout the entire passage, even if the game is very short and takes only a couple of hours. One of its main features is how closely the gameplay is connected to the music: the death of each person is accompanied by a strike of cymbals, the tempo rises and falls depending on the number of people on the screen. It seems that jazz instruments should not go well with the cruelty that is happening on the screen, juicy electronic compositions in the spirit of the Hotline Miami soundtrack would be much more appropriate, but no – the developers managed to surprise.

The minimalist visual style is great for Ape Out too. Despite the simple graphics and top view, it is possible to distinguish between opponents without problems, which is very important for this kind of game. The camera is also arranged in an interesting way – it is located quite close to the gorilla, so that it was possible to look at only a small part of the level, and it is completely impossible to look around corners and through doorways before approaching them. It is not uncommon for you to notice opponents only by running past the corridors in which they stand, which adds to unpredictability.

After completing the story, additional modes are unlocked. In the “Arcade” you need to complete the levels in the allotted time. When calculating points, the remaining seconds, the number of people killed, as well as the absence or presence of injuries are taken into account. Well, for those to whom the game seemed simple, there is a complicated “plot” mode, where there are more opponents. Obviously, it is not as well balanced as the main one, but it will definitely take at least one evening if you are not so interested in simply replaying the game.

“Don’t interfere, let me pass.”


It seems that there is nothing special in Ape Out: two-button control, a gorilla that at the beginning and at the end throws some people at others. But the idea itself is so fresh and so well implemented that it’s impossible to even find significant flaws. The way the music is combined with the gameplay, what surprises the gameplay sometimes brings, how such a simple visual style looks advantageous – all this makes Ape Out one of the most interesting, non-standard and noteworthy releases of the year. We only regret the short duration, but it is likely that an extra hour of passage would not have benefited the game.

Pros: an unusual idea, implemented almost perfectly; changing conditions make the gameplay less monotonous; several types of enemies that require a different approach; random generation and camera behavior add an element of unpredictability; a stylish picture and a soundtrack perfectly connected with the gameplay.

Cons: short duration, even if it can be increased with the help of additional modes.

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