Game New - Updated on December 15, 2022

Doomsday is coming. Your whole world is in danger, and zombies are everywhere. Don’t escape alone, or you haven’t any probability of surviving. Make allies and march with teammates to flee from the zombie tide.

Kill zombies and executives; your workforce will survive and be additionally assertive! Uncover the map, purchase useful devices and enhance weapons to reinforce the ability! Speak with teammates and completely different survivors. Work as a workforce to beat the strolling lifeless!

Apocalypse Survival Mod APK 1.0 (Unlimited Ammo)

Just clicked download and cancel specifically to signal boost the warnings of other reviews regarding some game called chef dash being downloaded. Didn't download the game myself, but, the funny thing is, if you want to corroborate their claims, you only have to listen to look at the middle item listed in recent updates which reads "Run/Decorate your restaurant to your heart's content!" Uhh Whaa? That's not the advertised game. Mass report for TOS violation let's bury this "publisher".. I choose violence, go stub your toe after reading this.. It keeps downloading a different game called chef dash I do not get the game that's advertised when i download Please fix. Not right game. This game is mislabeled or something. When I downloaded the game I see a game called Chef's Dash! When I look the game up in Google apps it's called Apocalypse Survival.... Fake.

Crashes on boot up. Game says,"Chefs Rush". Look like a Robloks ripoff.. Loads something chef dash.. Amazing 100stars. So bad. Ok so if you dont read reviews often or think the ones before mine are not true its best u think again in this case. This game aint even a game i doubt it is even meant to be played. I didnt read the reviews i just looked at the stars and went to download. After it downloaded i tried running it and it wasnt the game it said. Also it says 3.3 stars with 19 reviews half in 1 star and half in 5 star with a few 4 star well let me tell you. It is all FAKE. There are ZERO 5 star and 4 star reviews!.

Fake and doesn't load. some dumbass game namsd chef dash installs when this is selected. so tired of this . wish I could give zero stars I would. Not the game advertise. Crashed on loading screen. Not even the game they advertise its purely fake. Stupid won't even let me play keeps crashing.

I hate this game I give 0 stars take the L.

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