Archer Survivor: Action TD Gift Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 28, 2024

Archer Survivor: Action TD is an intense tower defense game that requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes to fend off waves of enemies. To enhance your gaming experience, players can use codes to unlock special abilities, weapons, and upgrades. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing these codes to strengthen your defenses and dominate the battlefield. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to level up and conquer each challenging level with ease.

New valid for Archer Survivor: Action TD Gift Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary bow of the Ancients 2. Pouch of 1000 gold coins 3. Rare sapphire amulet 4. Shield of resilience
Get Code 1. Bow of Precision 2. Bag of Gold 3. Diamond Shard 4. Ruby Ring 5. Legendary Crossbow
Get Code 1. Legendary Bow of Precision 2. 500 gold coins 3. Enchanted Gemstone for power boost

Archer Survivor: Action TD Tier List

Here is a potential tier list for the game Archer Survivor: Action TD:

1. Archer Queen: The strongest and most versatile character in the game, with high damage output and a variety of powerful abilities.
2. Ranger: A skilled bowhunter with exceptional accuracy and range, able to take out enemies from a distance with ease.
3. Sniper: A master of precision shooting, capable of dealing massive damage with one shot and providing critical support to the team.

4. Marksman: A sharpshooter with quick reflexes and high mobility, ideal for taking down fast-moving enemies.
5. Rogue: A nimble and elusive archer, adept at dodging enemy attacks and dealing critical damage from behind.

6. Hunter: A skilled tracker with knowledge of various traps and snares, able to control enemy movements and provide crowd control.
7. Scout: A versatile archer with excellent scouting abilities, able to detect and reveal enemy positions for the team.

8. Bowman: A basic archer with average skills and abilities, suitable for beginners or as a backup character in the team.

This tier list is based on the characters' abilities, strengths, and versatility in different game scenarios. Players may find certain characters more effective depending on their playstyle and strategy.

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