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Archero is a game in an absolutely unrecognizable style where you have to fight for survival. Everyone who finds himself in this world must fight for the right to stay alive and in your hands you will only have a bow and arrows.

Coupon Codes (2023 May) 4.12.6
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UBKE6Z1VM4October 20, 2022
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21OKWLRUXHDNovember 7, 2022
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X6C9JBA2DNovember 2, 2022
HEBJ5KOLY24November 15, 2022
AGBHTD758KJ6November 4, 2022
3FKYIT82G57November 3, 2022

Take this long-range weapon and go to war with the legendary characters. Learn new styles and try out unique tactical schemes to gain an advantage over your enemies. An incredible number of enemies await ahead, which will need to be killed with their accurate bow shots. The main advantage of Archero lies in the locations that differ very much from each other. They themselves are already an obstacle, because they are teeming with dragons, monsters, and traps are also set here. Peculiarities:

  • Randomly generated maps;
  • Unique tests;
  • Tons of monsters that never appear in other games;
  • Shooter combined with puzzles.

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