Game New - Updated on January 3, 2023

A 3v3 multiplayer recreation, where control-hired Champions enter a battle amongst extremely efficient factions battling for administration over mysterious gems that have started exhibiting worldwide. Archlord Summoner (3v3): It Seize The Flag with a shiny twist. Gems spawn inside the coronary heart; purchase and return five catches to your altar sooner than your opponents do to win the match!

Archwar Heroes And Demons Mod APK 1.27.4 (Unlimited Money)

every name i try it says already taking, so unable to try game. Not much impact no shake u guys need to fix camera is fuvked up altar healing is slow No point in playing game after gathering gems did try to do something but failed. Very nice and grafic this game. Can't even pass the tutorial. It tells me to stand on the Power Circle, it says on the screen that it will charge when I stand there, but nothing happens.. I stepped on the circle and nothing happened. This doesn't worth my attention. See ya. Not bad for 3vs3 but it's really bored since we're just play with the BOT ONLY!!! if the match are with the real player there, it would be greats but since it just for playing with the BOT only, i can says this games soons will be dead even the bots too got bored there....

Did not enjoy it at all played 1 battle left this game and uninstalled it .. Username already exists choose another name. Dude tf dev I tried different names.. Nice concept a different type of 3 v 3 game loved it... Looking for some exciting events and ranked system Overall this game very interesting with few bugs. Pls fix some bugs and add more character .. A lot of improvements lately , hope it gets better and more players come also.

Easy to play and straight gameplay, nice character design.. I love this game pls update this games . Great new breed of game play 3v3 but we need more improvement like on 1st char player must choose on their own. Very easy to play, just need to aware of the mana and combo. Grafiknye bagus, bisa dpt kartu karakter?.

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