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You are trying to find satisfaction in particular tactical genres. Accompanied by the requirement of meticulous care for the content material of Arena Legend. Then you definitely have to come to this 12-month blockbuster tactical product. It is the right decision if you put the right awareness and time right here. With stable updates from the creator. Of all the possibilities, perhaps the most glorious effigy was given to most people.

The content material revolves around the battle of the knights. A magical world is one where people use it rampantly. It is not easy to stabilize the stability of such a world. Civil wars were waged by particular people. Or with the dark side of the knights? The participant’s task is to direct his heroes. The whole journey.

Arena Legend

Supreme Hero

Proud hero ownership is very easy. Gamers simply have to work hard to log in and use their luck. To have the ability to unlock knights in the top classification. The hero’s energy will be completely different. Calculation on attribute and system is reduced. But they have their knack and fighting characteristics. Should have figured this out sooner rather than equip them in the crew.

Use talent

Each warrior can have 2 talents for the participant to use. Therefore, they can be the essential offensive energy you can possess. The use of specific attacks will help the participant defeat the enemy. Along with supporting teammates who are in poor health anyway. Arena Legend experience will improve over time. So you want an ample fuel period to try this in many cases.

Energy bar, HP,…

Get detailed icon bar frames about warriors. Arena Legend gamers can only admit completely different title bars. Warrior’s happiness bar, influence bar for talents, etc. Watch this to see what state your frequency is in. Low health signals they are in trouble. And want to give more vitality.

Download ( V1.0.6 )
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