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Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is a representative of the well-known and popular genre of automatic chess. Players are crazy about these colorful adventures and keep downloading all AutoChess.

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides
 Codes (2023 February) 1.9.18
All Codes Expiration date
I0H1N9QVFB5 February 1, 2023
6037UR1WAL January 14, 2023
PQTU38M7V February 18, 2023
6IYOGQUB84V January 14, 2023
2NPV3CEK47R1 January 11, 2023
W0G4HVEXUYB February 15, 2023
JBE5FN9OUDY January 25, 2023
ZOL62G5BEH January 10, 2023
QBA2SG3ZY January 1, 2023
5YVODNLEMPF January 2, 2023
W365MND7S180 January 25, 2023
HZG801VEIJP January 6, 2023

Think you can handle controlling mini-heroes, then give it a try. Travel through numerous locations and learn a lot more interesting things from the game. Control legendary heroes and destroy enemy bosses. There are over a hundred original characters to level up. Win and keep increasing the score. Use your head at this time and make prudent moves. Users in Arena of Evolution: Red Tides must make their own decisions about where to put the next hero. also take part in championships between users around the world. The game is completely in Russian and this makes it even more exciting and also interesting. Features of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

  • 100+ different heroes from the fantasy universe;
  • Competent strategic actions in a checkerboard pattern;
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics and visual effects;
  • Multiplayer PvP battles.

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