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The theme of the game Ark of War is quite original. You are in the distant future, when the planet has become overpopulated and now the inhabitants urgently need to be placed on other planets. In the game, you will immediately see that wars can grow into something massive and move to other locations. In the Ark of War application, you will immerse yourself in the world of dangerous battles and adventures.

Ark of War Codes (2023 March) 3.30.1
List of Codes Expiration date
6YZPO0N31SD August 23, 2022
RKJLMNPXFZ September 23, 2022
CRFNQWLGV August 13, 2022
TSH7MQVKLNB August 11, 2022
DUAI9SRKTJW5 September 18, 2022
EGV5HO63LB9 September 3, 2022

First, try to master the game and pay attention to all the nuances. There is nothing complicated in the application, in fact. Your task is to figure out where to place the inhabitants of an overpopulated planet. Therefore, you need to go on an intergalactic journey and explore all the objects of space. You will definitely find out if there is life on new planets, and whether it is worth building your own house on them. In addition, on other space objects there may be alien creatures that you have to fight. You will have an ark and it can be upgraded to make it easier to resist the aliens.

The Ark of War app will plunge you into the world of spaceships, new galaxies, wars with alien creatures and aviation. This is an exciting, interesting and super addictive game that from the first minutes will allow you to appreciate the excellent graphics, detail and decent space-style sound design. Download the game Ark of War and land with your allies on the planet Tekkman!

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