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Dive into the abyss of adventure! It doesn’t matter which ones: it can be large-scale battles with bloody battles, and exciting journeys around the world in search of new artifacts, and any other way of spending life that you like.

List of Discount CodesExpiration date
ZC7EXQWU40IAugust 24, 2022
8BLZ2PVY65September 13, 2022
WE9GASM63August 29, 2022
E0YRD34NX69September 8, 2022
WMP1XYF4KDQHSeptember 3, 2022
05MICU1NT2HSeptember 11, 2022

In this game, everything is truly in your hands, only you decide which path to choose for yourself, but we can only describe the environment and atmosphere of the game.

“Heroes: Armed Heroes” – an exciting MMORPG game, from the very first minutes immersing you in your world full of magic and magic. Try to resist the onslaught of events, do not give up to the last!

Fight evil spirits, collect artifacts, go to distant lands and don’t forget about new experiences.

The developers have given you a choice of 7 types of characters, depending on who you choose, and the whole game will be built. Your acting hero can be both a magician and a thief, you may want to become a knight or a necromancer, your life path depends entirely on the initial decision.

More than 100,000 different outfits, large-scale but detailed maps, realistic physics and beautiful graphics are waiting for you! Immerse yourself in the magical world of Heroes: Armed Heroes.

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