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Army Men Defense: Merge War is a new level of tower defense with auto-merge, auto-attack and many other handy features. Millions of people around the world put on great battles here every day, and new faces are always welcome. An innovative building development system, improved visual effects, a variety of maps, an intuitive interface and other features of the game will please any connoisseur of the genre. Try all the delights of this multifaceted project and become its new champion!

Army Men Defense: Merge War
 Codes (2022 December) 1.8.1
All Codes Expiration date
AQL9VD6G1YF December 2, 2022
K926DQT4AZ November 26, 2022
FD92BEYIS October 7, 2022
69U8A0SIWQR November 21, 2022
9BL0CZG457S3 October 6, 2022
JXP9QZT1EIS November 18, 2022
V2CL8ERON1P November 4, 2022
VWYDRCT3U9 December 3, 2022
SKVYICBWL October 10, 2022
KF5T9ZRVHAM November 9, 2022
J0MT2ELH1AKR October 17, 2022
OE73HBYDU1Q October 22, 2022

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