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This gameplay will give you a unique opportunity to go back to your childhood and play with the toy soldiers. You must download Army Men Strike for android and start an exciting game along with travel and adventure. Here you will have a great opportunity to play for soldiers from childhood and go through a lot of military tasks. Take command of the plastic army and start organizing the army, which will have to participate in the battles. Equip the military unit and make its defense powerful, then you can achieve easy success in eternal battles with your rivals from the toy world.

Army Men Strike
 Codes (2022 December) 3.160.1
All Codes Expiration date
5YGWXRC2MHO November 18, 2022
65J0XOSGZV November 22, 2022
6HBXRLNFI November 17, 2022
BNEQST6WCP0 October 25, 2022
KGHTDXVW467Y December 11, 2022
EAUXL7B5GWF November 8, 2022
MDRBSPNGZ39 October 31, 2022
5E9APRLJU8 November 24, 2022
MXPKUN21O November 12, 2022
KWLG0TUD52P November 16, 2022
06BNMIO49FDY October 20, 2022
8WZUHBGL3R2 November 7, 2022

If you can download Army Men Strike for android, you will become the owner of a unique military game and a lot of advantages, among which there are:

  • Intense duels with enemies from the plastic army;
  • Beautiful high-quality three-dimensional graphics in which all the soldiers are created and they will participate in wars;
  • Battles in the rooms of a huge house together with your soldiers;
  • A large number of unique locations;
  • A large selection of toy characters with their own characteristics and features.

Endless wars of soldiers At the very beginning of the gameplay you will have your own room, which will be possible to control. You will have to build your army headquarters here, and for this the game offers a lot of opportunities and elements. Collect resources in the form of magnets and metal objects to build railroad tracks and the headquarters itself. After that, a global war will begin, which will take place in a dozen original rooms. Battles await you in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Everywhere battles will look very exciting. Learn to use not only the skills of your own soldiers and a dozen different types of weapons. Among them there are tanks, artillery and many other items.

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