Game Mobile - Updated on January 14, 2023

Army Men Strike is an exciting tactical war game. When it’s time to go to war, you’ll need an army, to begin with. And the more the better! Now, under your command, let the tiny warriors, but skillful and experienced, ready to join the battle and obey your orders at any time. Together with them, you will become the winner of any battle!

Army Men Strike (Mod Unlimited Energy/Money) 3.167.1

With the help of your many soldiers, you will be able to build defensive fortifications, build an impregnable base and think about the tactics of future battles so that they will benefit you.

In addition, in the game Army Men Strike, you can become an absolute winner if you use a mod that earns a lot of money. Remember that victory depends only on you. You are the captain that everyone expects great plans to destroy the enemy! For battles, there are various locations where you need to collect useful resources to upgrade weapons and strengthen your army.

To successfully attack the enemy, you will need to create a lot of robots and recruit officers into the army who will successfully command the soldiers. Tanks, cannons, and other weapons are available for modernization. You should also improve the performance of your special forces, snipers, and other troops.

When attacking the enemy, one should not forget about the base, which must always be protected to the highest degree. Fight with armies of other players and prove that you are a true hero and thoughtful strategist. The game has great 3D graphics, can exchange messages with other players, a wide selection of weapons.

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