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Adventure/RPG is one of the favorite genres for many. It combines pumping, jumping, and riddles; the world is often large and open to exploration. And in general, it was in this genre that one of the best game series in history was made – we are, of course, talking about The Legend of Zelda. But it is precisely because of the above features that it is far from easy to develop such games – there are too many things that need to be taken into account, correctly combined and balanced. How did the authors of Aron’s Adventure cope with this task?

sentinel vs dragon

Aron’s Adventure tells about the adventures of the titular young man Aron, who, as usual, has already become a chosen hero (watchman) and now must protect his native huts. And there is someone to protect from – a certain dragon and his minions bring a lot of troubles, who first killed Aron’s parents, and then captured an important fortress. And when, with the help of our hero, the citadel was recaptured, the dragon returned and burned almost everything so much that people had to look for a new home. And we, of course, must clear the way and gather forces for the decisive battle.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Almost everything is connected with the dragon.

In general, everything is quite standard, but dramatic and rich. In addition, in the process, Aron sees flashbacks and learns a lot of interesting things about his past, and also communicates with another sentinel locked in the mind of our hero. Plus, the world is big, open and picturesque, and they are allowed to explore it not only on foot, but also on horseback.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Horses can be purchased from the stables. However, it is not very clear how they differ.

There are many locations – you will have to run through dungeons, and through forests / meadows, and along the roofs of the city. And even on ship decks. And many more side quests. They, of course, are also mostly standard – find the lost ring, free the mines, and so on. But the feeling that they all come from the average South Korean MMORPG does not arise either.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Traveling around this world, we find many chests, which are sometimes cleverly hidden.

Beat and shoot!

The gameplay itself of Aron’s Adventure as a whole corresponds to the golden GOST for adventure RPGs. We fight, and learn new skills, and periodically solve riddles, when, for example, you need to figure out how to load a huge cannon, and jump on the platforms. We are also constantly collecting resources for crafting – they are needed to replenish the supply of arrows and make new equipment.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Kraft is very convenient and simple.

There are a lot of things in the battles too. Five types of melee weapons – there is a single sword, and a combination of it with a shield, and a two-handed weapon, and a double blade. And you can also fight with two swords at once. Each differs in damage, speed and its own combos, and with each weapon they are allowed to perform special attacks – “dash” forward, causing damage to everyone in the way, hit the ground, injuring and knocking back others. Plus there is stealth and the ability to kill with one blow to the back.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

It is often necessary to scatter everyone with one blow here.

Archery in Aron’s Adventure is also implemented in a non-trivial way. There are special arrows: some teleport to the desired point or even to the enemy and immediately kill him; others work like grenades; still others slow down time, allowing you to slow down several enemies at once. And all these special techniques for swords and bows we pump with the help of skill points.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

The bow in this game is a formidable weapon!

Fighting enemies and bugs

Agree, everything seems to be close to ideal. But, as is often the case with ambitious indie titles, Aron’s Adventure has its downsides for many of its positives. The world is picturesque, but the colors are sometimes too poisonous or such that it is almost impossible to navigate what, where, when and where. Yes, and invisible walls in this seemingly open world also sometimes appear.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Well, where to jump?

The battles are dashing, with a bunch of tricks, but for some reason it’s impossible to “target” the enemy, so from time to time everything turns into a mess. Yes, and there are problems with the balance – even at the highest levels of complexity, there are always enough resources for crafting and potions. So some problems can only arise during fights with bosses.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Naturally, the dragon is one of the main bosses.

During jumping exercises, the control cannot be called ideal – the character strives to take an extra step and fall off the edge. The same management and when riding a horse.

I also didn’t like how much attention is paid to training in handling each type of weapon, new techniques, and so on – each time these are long quests in separate (albeit often very picturesque) locations, with which the authors artificially stretch what is happening.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

First you have to learn the double jump.

Leveling skills also looks artificial. To get ability points, you need to complete various challenges, which often come down to simply watching another flashback or jumping onto platforms. Or you need to pick up a luminous sphere – and that’s it, you’ve pumped up your stamina and received skill points!

Aron's Adventure: A Review

Tests can take place in very picturesque places.

Just how does jumping and picking up spheres logically relate to the fact that the character is now able to improve shooting with teleporting arrows or striking with a sword from the back? It seems that the creators simply did not know where to attach the ability system, and decided to go the most primitive way.

Aron's Adventure: A Review

A rare test where you need to fight with someone.

Finally, Aron’s Adventure has a lot of bugs. That hero suddenly loses his head and runs like that, scaring not others (they are used to it), but me. It just gets stuck in the air, trying to get off the horse. Then the pumped branch of skills begins to work as if it had not been improved.

Well, almost fantasy Max Payne!

As a result, the degree of positive emotions from Aron’s Adventure is gradually decreasing. The game seems to be drawn out, not brought to mind both from a technical and gameplay point of view. Of course, if you love the adventure RPG genre as much as I love it, then you can try it – the game still has its merits. But get ready for the fact that you will have to put up with something, and overcome something.

Pros: picturesque open world; spectacular battles using different types of weapons and skills; useful and convenient craft; nice picture and music.

Cons: rather banal plot; there are problems with the balance of complexity, with the management, optimization and logic of some mechanics.

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