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An absolute novelty in the category of multiplayer strategies with elements of fantasy in 3D. You should try to download Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon for Android and play this exciting game. The player will take control of a huge kingdom and become the only ruler there. Use the multifunctional system to build a huge number of objects and buildings that will generate resources and bring profit to your kingdom. Gather the most powerful army of gnomes, mages and various monsters. This completely unique strategy game combines elements of RPG, sci-fi and strategy.

Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon
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If you decide to download Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon for Android, then you will learn about such great benefits:

  • Global multiplayer game mode where you can challenge your friends and go to duel;
  • Beautiful three-dimensional graphics with a lot of effects;
  • A huge number of legendary heroes, divided by races of people, magicians and monsters;
  • A huge picturesque world that can be explored for a very long time and constantly find something interesting;
  • Epic battles with legendary Bosses for exclusive rewards and achievements.

Unique multiplayer strategy Start right now to explore this large-scale and fascinating world where magic mixed with magic awaits you. Collect a huge number of legendary warriors and monsters in your army and they will lead your kingdom to victory. Destroy huge armies of enemies and find Dragons. They will be able to significantly increase the power and strength of your army, and will not allow enemies to rob your base for resources and gold. Advance in the story company and take part in multiplayer wars. In each game mode, the player will be breathtaking in a new way.

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