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Shabbat shalom, listeners of my blog about games or films that have already been forgotten, but which are worth paying attention to again!

Attention! Although I will try not to spoil too much, the presence of the plot of the games in my blog is present.

Today on the agenda is a game that at one time made a very big impression on me, because it was after this game that I became interested in the entire Assassin’s Creed series. And that was Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. Even now, 6 years later, after my first passage of this part, I still have warm feelings for the sea adventures of Edward Kenway.

Let me briefly talk about the concept and a little exposition to understand what I will write below. So. A pirate, and in the past a sailor of the Royal Navy of England, Edward Kenway is wrecked along with the ship on which he and his pirate friends cut through the expanses of the Caribbean Sea. Edward is the only survivor of the crash, hosted by a small squadron of English ships, one of the passengers of which is Duncan Walpole, an assassin who betrayed his organization and swore allegiance to the Templars (they are still enemies of the series, fuck it). And after the disaster, Duncan and Edward are thrown ashore on one island, and then according to the standard. Killing an assassin and borrowing a ship from one merchant, on which Edward sails to Havana – the main port city of all the Caribbean, and then it’s already too spoiler, so let’s move on …

Adventures on the sea of ​​Kenway on ships is the main feature of the gameplay of this part, although stop! There was already something similar in the third part of the franchise, wasn’t it? Yes it was. There, Edward’s grandson, Radunhageydu, sailed on sorties on his ship Aquila. There, the ship control gameplay was clumsy and not very clear for the average user, but the French from the Ubisoft studio know how to improve everything for the better, except for the plot, of course. And already in the fourth part of Assassin’s Creed, the mechanics of the ships were finalized and were already done at a very good level. Improvements to the ship have appeared, which can be seen, not just an improvement in the hull, but a direct update, so much so that the appearance changes. I added a cannon, and here it is – standing on the deck! Many will say that this is not the most important aspect of the gameplay. I agree, so let’s talk about the combat and the economy in the game, since here they are two inseparable things. Not only do you need to buy weapons and everything else, but also the quality of the weapon depends on its price. Let’s take an example: French rapiers worth 12,500 Caribbean hryvnias. Considering that for each task we receive from 2 to 5 thousand of these same hryvnias, it is also possible to earn money at sea by selling cargo that we “borrowed” from the Spaniards or the British. And now we have already received around 20 thousand, then why should I save up for something less if I can immediately earn a hundred thousand and buy the coolest weapon and ship? In a word, the imbalance in combat and the economy. Why is the imbalance also in combat, if I was talking about the economy now? Well, let’s put it this way. With a good rapier, killing enemies is easier and faster than with a club that deals 0 damage, so bosses like the bodyguard of Governor Torres are not dangerous if you stupidly learn the pattern of his actions and strike at the right time, because a couple of blows – and he is dead.

So. Gameplay, story… What’s next? Ah, yes exactly! Atmosphere! Well, here in one word – lamp-like mixed with unrealistic action!

Imagine the situation: you are at the helm of the ship, a light sea breeze is blowing, inflating the sails, and the sailors on the deck are singing shanti (songs performed on ships without the use of instruments). There is not a single ship to the horizon, but somewhere in the distance one can see tropical islands striking in their beauty. Well, isn’t it heaven?

However, everything cannot be so rosy, and now sentries see ships under a different flag, enemy, English. The guns are at the ready, the falconets are loaded, and the hold is battened down. And now the fight begins! A volley, then another. The enemy has a leak in the ship, so you decide to board. Flying onto the ship along a laid cable, you kill four Englishmen with pistols, and then, picking up sabers, a real one-on-one battle with the captain of the enemy ship begins! At the same time, the battle is not for life, but for death!

A little about the music and the graphics in general, since immersion does not occur without these two components. The music is solid, I often listen to the whole album of sailor shanti in spotify, and the rest of the soundtrack is the same as in all parts of Assassin’s Creed. Solid ambient along with compositions that give you goosebumps and make you want to get your sword out of its sheath and start chopping everyone, like the same pirate Edward Kenway…

Graphene even 9 years after the release of the game looks very good, even when compared with modern masterpieces of gaming. Sometimes you can just take the frames and put them on the wallpaper, but it will look like in 4K, provided that AC4 has not seen 4K in principle!

Bottom line: my score is 8.3/10 and here’s why: firstly, the scarcity of the plot. There are only two memorable characters here, although in the same Watch Dogs from the same Ubisoft characters you see and immediately remember: T-Bone, Wrench, Default, Aiden Pearce and my favorite Georgie Chin. And it’s just Blackbeard and Edward. You remember the rest, but you don’t remember them, since they were not revealed or did not appear much in the frame. The very faction of assassins in the Caribbean is not disclosed, as in the second or third part, two words were said about them, and then about the mentor A-Tabai.

Second, the duration of the game. If you go through it like me, that is, find all the locations, completely. improve the ship, kill all the legendary ships, which I didn’t specifically say about, then the game will drag on for 20 or even 30 hours. However, you can only go through the plot, and in this case it will only take 5 hours, with such gameplay and atmosphere.

Thirdly. I did not mention the line in Abstergo itself, in our time, only because sometimes I did not understand at all what was happening there. It is told indistinctly and incomprehensibly, however, you can freely leave the “Animus” and walk around the company’s office, simultaneously hacking the computers of other employees and thereby finding works of art, diaries, notes, videos, or even announcements of future projects, but even such an activity is more interesting, than the entire storyline in the real world! Because they don’t tell you, “go over there, hack it, and listen to the fucking dialogue that no one wants.” That is, the whole game tells you that you don’t have to follow the plot, but you just need to walk around the locations in search of something to do for yourself. And this is even a bit embarrassing.

Do I recommend this game? Definitely yes! With all the disadvantages of this game, it leaves warm memories of itself. Even just riding your own ship is nice. Listen to songs, attack other ships. Assassin’s Creed 4 is a great game for spending leisure time and relaxing from games that are complex and heaped up with their plot and gameplay. Everything here is very clear and intuitive. Well, the picture makes delight to the eyes, music – to the ears. In some ways, this is what this game is good for. It just makes the player feel good, no matter what is currently happening on the monitor screen.

I’ll be honest. After the release of the fifth part of Assassin’s Creed Unity, I stopped being interested in the series, because I no longer saw the point in it. The series has exhausted itself just on Unity, since it already had some kind of donut and too inappropriate customization mixed with a long and simply terrible plot (in my subjective opinion). Therefore, if there are also analyzes of the AC series, then definitely about the previous parts. Look forward to the great and terrible Assassin’s Creed II next time.

Thank you for your attention, my children, DegoEz is with you, on the wave of your favorite site This is a free gamers site and it works for you! Now read other blogs…

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