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Attention! Ubisoft is getting rid of last-minute tours to Egypt. The price is from 1,999 rubles. We’re talking about Assassin’s Creed: Origins, if anything.

Empire of warm sands

The break clearly benefited Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate and Origins will be separated by two years, but even now it seems that there is a fair gap between the games. First of all, of course, the change of setting is striking – we flew from industrial London almost two millennia ago, to Egypt of the times of Cleopatra and Mark Antony – the pressure of Rome is growing, which is clearly seen at least in the example of the gladiatorial arenas that appeared in the kingdom of pharaohs and mummies.Assassin's Creed: Origins обзор

The sands beyond the oases are a dangerous place. It would be nice if only there were some hyenas, so in addition, robbers on camels drive around!

The open world of Origins contains several stately cities and smaller settlements. Ubisoft will show both the Nile Delta, and the famous Faiyum oasis with Lake Merida, and the Siwa oasis, where, by the way, the main character comes from – a tanned (or, frankly, dark-skinned) daring Bayek, the last Medjay.

The Medjai are a kind of order of warriors that, in different centuries of the endless history of Egypt, either guarded the tombs of the rulers of the Nile Valley, or vigilantly stayed awake at the borders, or even kept order in the capital with a guard article. Bayek is called the “defender of Egypt” in promotional materials, but in general he has a much more important mission – the creation of the Brotherhood of Assassins, which will outlive both the Ptolemaic dynasty and the Roman Empire.

Bayek belongs to an elite order (albeit almost extinct) for a reason – he is helped, for example, by a hand eagle. I launched one into the sky – and here, please, a map of the area from a bird’s eye view. Feathered also marks targets. As you progress through the hero will unlock new abilities, often with a touch of mysticism – say, one allows you to control the arrow in motion (Yondu Udonta would be delighted), and the other highlights valuable items.

With other Ubisoft games (for example, Far Cry), Origins has a lot of intersections. If you have been familiar with French goods for a long time, you will feel like in the 21st century – skirmishes with toothy predators, creating objects, looking for useful vegetation under your feet … Camels, chariots and horses are offered as transport.

Assassin's Creed: Origins обзор

Of the weapons, the game offers a sickle-shaped blade, a mace, a spear, dual blades … Don’t like it? Nobody forbids fighting with bare hands.

In the demo we tested at E3, Bayek spawned just outside the city on a horse. Icons of chatting with secondary characters ready to issue secondary tasks pop up, but there was no opportunity to talk with them – a message appeared, they say, you are playing the “demo”, stop! Yes, to the goal of the mission – they rode to a small platform, where the uncle was publicly beating a young boy for allegedly spitting about some kind of treasure. Do not leave a person in trouble? Now we’ll find out.

As a result, it took to find a couple of precious figurines. The first was hiding under water, in a sunken ship (diving, in addition, you can rummage through the ruins). The second is above the water, in a whole vessel. Nothing dangerous happened in the depths (note: in local reservoirs it’s easier than ever to stumble upon a crocodile or a hippopotamus) – they found out exactly where the figurine was hiding (the eagle probes through the water), and they took it away. On that ship that was afloat, guards were waiting – or rather, the crows counted. Quietly sending two to Anubis and scattering a few more, we carried our feet. We returned to the platform – period. Mission Complete.

Following the developer threw us on the gladiatorial arena – for the sake of familiarization with the “combat”. Boring button mashing seems to be a thing of the past – Bayek deftly dodges and parries (the latter must be unlocked), which is useful in fights with several opponents. Heavy and light blows are available to the Egyptian, the use of environmental objects is welcome: you see a cage with a lion, immediately break the lock – the beast will plunge its claws into the enemy. In addition to a generous arsenal of close combat, bows of various specializations are offered (up to “sniper”) – it is advisable to light an arrow if a source of fire smolders nearby. As in any beat ’em up, there is a rage bar that fills up during the fight. The methods of its use are traditional – we become stronger and faster for a short period or carry out an attack that crushes the defense.

Some of the journalists who played Origins compare the combat system with For Honor, others with Dark Souls (logically, given the importance of evasion). We did not experience difficulties in the arena – we survived all three waves of enemies.

Assassin's Creed: Origins обзор

Water battles are probably inevitable, as this is a game from the makers of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.


The demo turned out to be short – the desire to mummify and immediately forget Assassin’s Creed: Origins, fortunately, does not arise. Look, the palm trees and dunes of ancient Egypt will warm a frozen chin on an autumn evening – the action adventure will be released on October 27 (PC, PS4, Xbox One).

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