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Ubisoft confirmed last year that they would continue to support Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after the release of two promised expansions. Ubisoft Sofia’s massive Dawn of Ragnarok expansion was announced in December and will offer over 35 hours of gameplay. We attended a presentation dedicated to him and are ready to share all the details.

Family matters

In Dawn of Rangarok, we will see the story of Odin, who went in search of his son Baldr, who is being held captive by the fiery giant Surt. Norse mythology was a pretty big part of the original Valhalla, and the whole expansion will be devoted to it here. Players will visit Svartalfaheim, home of the dwarves. As always, when creating the region, Ubisoft paid great attention to sagas and legends in order to offer the most convincing version of the mythical world.

Although Odin is the supreme god, he is above all a father. According to the developers, they want to show the personality of Odin from different angles, including those that could not be considered in the original Valhalla. The main villain will also be revealed: we will meet his wife Sinmaru and son named Glod, half jotun, half giant.

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Meet Glod.

At the presentation, we were shown a fragment of the quest, the events of which unfold in one of the oldest territories of Svartalfheim, captured by Glod. Odin (who is known here by another well-known name – Xavi) needs to enlist the support of the dwarves and find a relic that will help him find his son. True, after the invasion of Svartalfheim by the giants from Muspelheim, the surviving dwarves hid in shelters and do not get out of there.

Each hideout you enter is unique. Players can find beautiful natural formations like crystals there, as well as Dverg architecture in the spirit of brutalism.

Mikhail Lozanov, creative director

Shelters are hidden from prying eyes, but finding them will not be difficult. The approximate location of the shelters is indicated on the world map, and large flocks of birds are circling above them. It will be possible to find the entrances with the help of marks on the trees and stones left by the dwarves for relatives.

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The new location looks very picturesque.

In one of the shelters, we meet its leader, the woman Gunborg. It turns out that after the death of the last leader at the hands of the giants, the miners in the neighborhood began to serve Glod, since the invaders are interested in relics buried deep underground. One of the miners, Fritjof, knows a lot about these secrets, but does not get in touch – in the abandoned house where he exchanged letters with Gunborg, no news from him has appeared for a long time. We are going in search of him.

It was yours, it became ours

Before leaving the vault, the developers talk about one of the main innovations of Dawn of Ragnarok, the dwarven artifact hugr-reep. It allows you to take away the strength of enemies and use them against the survivors, and also bestows Odin with unusual abilities. One of them is called “Raven Power” – the character turns into a bird and can circle above the ground and fly high. You will be able to buy upgrades to these skills from the merchant – in the case of Raven’s Power, you will be able to attack opponents without leaving the form of a bird.

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Why do you need a raven if you can become one yourself?

Flying up to the mining town, the developer notices that one of the guards has a symbol over his head, indicating that he has a special power. It is she who can be taken away with the help of an artifact: we run up to the corpse, press the button, and we are invited to insert the force into one of the three slots. The enemy possessed the Power of Rebirth – the wearer’s weapon is covered with volcanic fire, and the enemies killed by him are resurrected and fight on the side of the killer.

This skill pairs well with stealth kills. The houses in Dwegish settlements are tall, so jumping on victims and making them your allies will not be difficult. The use of hoogr-rip’s abilities consumes an energy called hooghr. You can restore it both in fights with enemies and with the help of the environment, including with the help of special plants and shrines, where you can get hugr in exchange for health.

Players will need to keep an eye on when the skill they have activated goes off, as the powers don’t last forever. But those who perfectly master this mechanics and learn how to switch between forces in time will be able to stretch the process for quite a long time.

Georgy Popov, game director

All the abilities temporarily granted by the artifact were designed in such a way that they could be used in different situations. For example, Muspelheim’s Force protects Odin from lava, fire, and explosions. However, you can make it so that when it is activated, Odin becomes like a resident of Muspelheim. And in this form, it will become easier to approach the victims and covertly eliminate them – until, of course, you start acting strangely in front of others. With this skill, you can even take prisoners out of the prison without coming into conflict with the guards.

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The screenshot seems to be taken from a game in the Middle-earth series, but no.

The gods fight too

If you still have to fight, get ready for difficult battles with the Muspelheimers, who with all their appearance show that they came from the fiery lands. When one of them sees the main character, he emits a battle cry that lights a fire on the chest of each of his associates – the developers are sure that many will want to capture such moments in photo mode. One of the most dangerous opponents will be the keepers of the flame – they not only set fire to the ground and use other fire-related techniques, but are also able to resurrect fallen comrades. So it is advisable to immediately pay attention to them, otherwise the battle may drag on.

A new type of melee weapon, atgeir, will appear in the protagonist’s arsenal. According to the creators, this polearm will be especially devastating in the hands of those who will use combinations of blows, and not just press random buttons. Correctly alternating weak and strong blows, it will be possible either to inflict great damage on one target, or to hit several opponents at once, or to push them away if they are surrounded.

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Atgeir looks like this.

Well, if it seems to you that the forces are unequal, it is enough to activate the Force of Muspelheim – the character will create a cloud of smoke and come out of it as “friends” for opponents. The fight will stop, the enemies will calm down, and you just have to decide: try to win again or run away to hell.

The demo ended at Odin’s first meeting with Glod, and we were told about the rest of the features of the expansion separately. For example, about the appearance of a divine level of equipment quality – all things in the inventory will allow you to improve. The divine item not only has improved characteristics, but also has a bonus rune slot, and you will have to look for these runes all over Svartalfheim.

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Suitable runes will be found by both stealth fans and those who like to fight with a crowd of enemies at the same time.

Another new feature is the Valkyrie Arena mode. In it, the player will have to meet familiar characters from the original Valhalla and Dawn of Ragnarok and fight them in difficult trials. Difficulty can be increased in order to receive better rewards for victories, and the developers assure that this place will be an excellent platform for experiments – both abilities and different types of weapons will come in handy.

Ubisoft calls Dawn of Ragnarok end-game content, so it’s worth starting the expansion when you reach power level 340. If you don’t have the corresponding character, but you want to play, the function of a temporary increase in strength will be available. The release will take place very soon – March 10 on PC and consoles of both generations.

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