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Asterix and Friends are the adventures of brave and daring Gauls that will take place on your mobile device screen exactly according to the storyline of the original story. All the main characters Asteris and Obelix will be ready to play in these adventures, which means it will be especially fun and interesting.

Asterix and Friends
 Promo Codes (2022 December) 3.0.5
All Codes Expiration date
X1FACE2MK96 November 26, 2022
UXHZLSPF0W November 24, 2022
PGOQXCRZW December 12, 2022
IRO96D0XC51 December 10, 2022
UKQ5ZCSR2D9B October 31, 2022
78KO0R6FIN4 November 18, 2022
D81290FIK3Q November 12, 2022
PZ78TGEQ5M October 29, 2022
X0JKVPEU4 December 26, 2022
IY8CG4FNP0S November 1, 2022
CYFXUI5LTH8N November 22, 2022
YGIO5LXHS7F November 6, 2022

The world of these Gauls is full of hilarious moments and bold scenarios. Take on the creation of your Gallic village with the main characters and manage it until the very end of the story. Explore a vast world among forests and the Roman Empire. You can team up with your friends and start adventures in the coolest game. Together with Asterix and Friends, you can even participate in battles between guilds and, finally, overcome the risky power, which will not be so easy. The whole gameplay is built in a very exciting and even exciting storyline. There are a lot of tasks and missions that clearly follow the scenario. Players will even be able to travel to Egypt with Idefix and the other main characters. Learn the recipe from Asterix and Friends, which makes the most powerful potion, and drink it to smash the Roman army to pieces. Asterix and Friends – a game about the famous Gauls The world of Asterix is ​​full of exciting adventures as always, where you can create your own village for the Gauls and develop on a large scale. Feel free to go hunting to feed your relatives and learn how to extract useful resources. You can kill wild animals or go fishing. Grow crops or chop wood to continue building. Every day in the world of Asterix and Friends, battles will take place against the cruel Roman Empire, and at the end, Asterix and Oblekis will be able to face Julius Caesar himself. Here you can even play together with your friends, so try to invite them here and create a powerful guild.

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