Codes New - Updated on December 15, 2022

Auto Defense is great tower battles in the palm of your hand. Waves of enemies are relentlessly advancing on the base, and only the best strategists will be able to come up with weapon combinations for its successful defense. Carefully explore the synergy of structures, upgrade buildings in the middle of battle, defeat enemies and get cool rewards. New worlds full of exciting challenges are waiting for all fans of the genre, so get ready for exciting battles.

Auto Defense
 Coupon Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
XLQTFSG96UR January 12, 2023
BOAUXWRK2C January 2, 2023
EYL7C9NMI January 24, 2023
O6L15JXUNWY January 16, 2023
CLTSHRA3U140 January 8, 2023
9C6V3KIPAYJ January 26, 2023
Y2B5SEUQV4C January 7, 2023
W6C7S5NO1U December 27, 2022
AKVUW2YXH January 30, 2023
PRLC3V960JX January 30, 2023
KGA9Q704LB1U January 11, 2023
XD2ZTVW7SH0 January 19, 2023

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