Game Mobile - Updated on April 13, 2022

Auto Tactics is commonly known as an auto-stop game. All Auto Tactics operations are limited to a certain extent that can be done. To help players save time and manual manipulation. However, it is very possible to convey the best battle plum in the middle of the journey of experience. Now that the game is out, you can scroll right down below to download it right away.

Coming to the content material that is the story revolving around the war between the two factions. All sides are led by essentially the most proficient commanders. However, they do not share the same opinion. The order leads to unintended war. It’s also an interesting storyline for a top-notch method game like this. What do you have to prepare that doesn’t turn into a judge right away?

Auto Tactics

Join the game as a young naval commander. Participants will likely be in the status of being the first columnist of the story. It’s a must-roll on the battlefield to unlock new weapons. With vitality and intelligence, courage flows within you. We guarantee that players will own a strong army. Make your opponents tremble.


Compete directly with completely different opponents. Get bored because other games often adjust to increase PVE. Then change the wind with the actual properties that this entertainment software program possesses. Auto Tactics will help players test their online experience in the game area. To know what your abilities and strengths are. Be a part of regular and regular supplements.

Expense management

With a stock of backlog resources, customers should also divide them appropriately. You can use it carelessly and waste this unusual gasoline. There needs to be deep and meticulous calculation with each use. It will help the client to understand the most efficient of the resources. Most of the supplies are used to develop and strengthen the army.

Download ( V0.12 )
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