GiftCode - Updated on March 17, 2023

If real life cannot be quickly rid of problematic situations and negativity, then in virtual life everything is possible. This is the plot that the Avakin Life application offers us, where you can live an ordinary human life in a big city. This is a multiplayer game where each participant has his own capital, his own housing and his own goals. There are no rules in the application, you can simply participate in various competitions, equip your apartment, visit and chat with friends. Moreover, communication will be with real players, who, like you, will be in the role of a character.

Avakin Life Gift Codes (2023 March) 1.076.00
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
LZR8UX163KB August 25, 2022
9HSZ7FUB8J August 20, 2022
FGN37KMQ8 August 4, 2022
QM3Y7BSIOP6 August 30, 2022
LOG4VHE5I3FS July 22, 2022
FM5T1Y32SIJ July 12, 2022

So that you can somehow differ from all the heroes of everyday history, try to change your outfits, update your apartment interior, go to parties and just have fun in your own way. With you individual style of communication and living conditions. This simulator exactly repeats the ordinary life of all people. Your task is to stand out among other inhabitants of this virtual world, so that everyone pays attention to you.

You can communicate in the chat in writing, there is no obscene language or spam. In a word, it will be interesting for you to live in a virtual city! Download the free Avakin Life app and make your life the brightest and most interesting!

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