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The first Avatar came out, scary to say, in 2009. And although a sequel was announced almost immediately after its success, we waited for it for a long, infinitely long time. It’s no joke, there were 8 transfers, and the number of announced sequels increased and increased. Already after the second transfer, I definitely decided that you don’t even have to follow the news about the release. When the trailer comes out, then you can say something specific, and the rest is just empty talk.

And here comes the teaser for the second part of Avatar. Impressive. Even more. But is this enough? But before answering that question, let’s answer the question of why the first part was so successful.

Reasons for the success of the first film.

First, this is the first major studio film in 3D. Before him, three de was used only as an attraction with special short rollers. No one dared to use it in “large feature-length” films. It was for him that many cinemas were generally equipped with 3D projectors, and the postponement for six months allowed everyone to prepare for the release of the film.

Even in my town there was a whole 3D cinema, and to be honest, this is still one of the best uses of technology. Many films later added it, but either used it in 1-2 scenes (and in the remaining hour and a half these same glasses could be safely removed), or thoughtlessly included in the post process and then this three-dimensionality of the picture did not add anything.

I still remember the first scene. The chief comes to his senses after cryostasis and sees a drop of water hanging in the air. The simplest scene, but it was made not only to effectively poke three deh in your face, it adds context – the character is in zero gravity and we understand this even before the protagonist says it.

The same drop

The same drop

The picture, even without taking into account 3D, is very beautiful and technologically advanced. She looks good even today. And you need to take into account that the jungle and everything else did not exist – everything was drawn on a computer. Only the faces of secondary Navi look bad. But for those years it is forgivable.

Here is a comparison of the faces of computer characters in those years Alice 2010 and “I am Legend” 2007.

The uncanny valley is ominous.

The uncanny valley is ominous.

The uncanny valley is ominous.

If metal has already been learned to draw, then the faces of people in a realistic manner are not yet.

Secondly, it’s just a good film, even without the notorious 3D. Some criticize the simplistic script, but it’s worth realizing that if you want to make a film that is both commercially profitable and groundbreaking, you need to balance the experimental elements with the standard ones. So the three-dimensional film had to be balanced with the main characters, blue-skinned three-meter cat-men, with an outdated (outdated, but not useless) script. Plus environmentalist ideas (before it was mainstream), plus likable characters (and an infernal Colonel Quaritch) with clear goals, and a completely mesmerizing world.

What was shown in the teaser?

In the first video, early rumors are confirmed that the main antagonists will be people who will not give up Pandora/resources, that the events will be tied to the planet’s aquatic environment and that children and family occupy an important part of the plot.

I put Diesel here for a reason - he plays an unknown role in the film.  Family and Diesel are inseparable.

I put Diesel here for a reason – he plays an unknown role in the film. Family and Diesel are inseparable.

And if the forest part looks standard, then the water part is intriguing and made very beautifully. Cameron himself is a fan of the underwater world and several times descended into the Mariana Trench. He said that he did it for the filming of the film, but we know that he simply paid for the underwater trip from the film’s budget. He once criticized Aquaman for being unrealistic

“I found it very funny,” says the director. “I would never be able to make a movie like this because it requires a complete fantasy disconnect from physics or reality. People there just fly underwater, pushing themselves with the power of thought, I guess I don’t know. But still cool! The film captivates you in its own way.”

And the underwater footage looks like a documentary with a hundred million dollars poured into it. Perhaps that will be the case.

Even the trailer itself in 3D will look much better, but for obvious reasons I was not able to see it. However, in terms of pictures, Cameron will do beautifully. As for the rest, one can only speculate. Aggressive avatar with a machine gun – the same “dead” colonel? What is the sea? A man with a bow running with Navi – is this the child of the main characters who was born a man? And the rest is unknown. But there is a chance for a more interesting and complex scenario. So far, only the month of release is known – December of this year. And although the date was previously postponed, now, with a trailer in hand, everything will be limited to a maximum of one transfer.


Is there any doubt that the film will succeed? Undoubtedly. The first part, it must be admitted, was largely due to the revolutionary nature of 3D. And is it possible to surprise today with a big question. Yes, and many have already forgotten about the film itself – a nostalgic critic said that Avatar was just a hype at one time and then everyone forgot about it, but Marvel is not like that. Forgetting that Marvel films come out every 4 months, so they are always in the news. But okay, let’s go.

Also, do not forget that Cameron has not filmed anything since Avatar. Over the course of 13 years, he produced several documentaries and a couple of controversial films. The uncle is already under 70 and whether he will pull out new films or not is a big question. On the other hand, it’s fucking Cameron. And he did not make bad films, except for Piranhas. So let’s hope for the best.

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