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I’m already tired of reminding me over and over again of my difficulties with Marvel films, I’m tired of giving the films themselves a chance: I haven’t seen the third Thor or Black Panther. Today we have to return to this in order to designate a starting point. To a movie snob that Marvel never really liked, but somehow watched on the machine, Infinity War seemed to be the best film in the series.

Imagine a dating scene. Yes, almost as good as you’d expect.

No More Resurrections…

…Thanos speaking in the voice of Josh Brolin after a five-minute introduction. This is a battle that Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers (Anthony Russo, Joseph Russo) have been preparing for for a decade. It took ten years to become masters of superhero cinema – to explore the canons of the genre, then expand them, and then go into post-irony. Learn how to make crossovers correctly, mount complex storylines, unlock the potential of each protagonist and create normal antagonists.

With such baggage, watching The Avengers in the cinema is like finally getting to the final of the Game of Thrones. The structure of the film is exactly this: a dozen or two characters, half-familiar with each other, in different parts of the galaxy are doing different things at all, dictated by their solo stories. Fifteen minutes with the Guardians, then fifteen minutes with Thor, and then checking on Vision. And all this is around Thanos, who has been looming on the horizon for a long time.

The villain seems to have more screen time than everyone else: Feige and his comrades went through all the manuals and made an exemplary villain – with emotional attachments, with understandable and very reasonable motivation. Thanos is such a classic supervillain, so cruel and invincible that he allows himself to love kittens, respect opponents and, in general, be cute. It doesn’t make him any less of a threat.

But since the good guys still need to win and dominate, the scriptwriters very cleverly twist the story with a lot of Thanos henchmen – gray, nameless and forgettable micro-villains who are conveniently kneaded to maintain the general mood. And the wolves are full, and Thanos does not lose face.

Come back to this shot when you see it – it looks like an entire storyline has been replaced in the movie since the first trailer.

This compensates for the fact that the characters are as far away from each other as possible and even by the end of the film they will not get to know each other. And if they get acquainted, they will immediately begin to compete in wit and acting talents: Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch) bickers with Downey Jr. (Robert Downey Jr.), Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth) – with Pratt (Chris Pratt), Holland (Tom Holland) – with everyone at once. Marvel very often produces labored, forced comedic passages inserted out of necessity. But in Infinity War, almost every joke is worth it.

In general, foreign critics scold the film for jumping too quickly and often from puns to drama, and from tragedy to parody, but I had no problems with this. On the contrary, it aroused respect for how well and harmoniously it was possible to build rhythm in an absolutely unbearable colossus, which claims to squeeze out the whole range of emotions from the viewer.

There is something to squeeze out: there will be a couple of incredible comebacks, hilariously sudden roles, and some of the heroes will not live to see the finale. The authors are well aware that the entire advertising campaign is based on the game “Guess who will die”, and therefore they regularly mock the audience’s fears, exposing one character after another to mortal danger.

The main thing for me personally is that the film as a whole has finally ceased to look like a theater of talking heads. In fact, he remained them, but, in any case, during the conversations, the characters learned to move around the room. And the dialogues themselves have become so saturated with jokes and important plot information that there is almost no time left even for thin pathos of predictable replicas. However, this is the problem of a very picky viewer.

Another good introduction scene, by the way. And anyway, when were they bad?

But there is another – stupid, goofy, badly staged action that boils down to unaesthetic hand-waving with no interesting solutions at all. But the Russo brothers managed to compensate for this too: they replaced beautiful and complex shots with interesting situationality.

Instead of making the fight inventive staged, they make it very scripted. Now no one is waving their hands – the heroes are constantly using tricks and supersuits, so there is no time to demand finesse: you just follow the density of the action. And everything is mounted and storyboarded brilliantly – for ten years they have learned how to make a readable action here.

Although, of course, you can scold the setting for moving away from its inherent modest earthiness to a galactic epic. It is in the “War” that one feels that almost everyone has become an “imboy”: Tony Stark’s costume is a universal killer, Scarlet Witch hasn’t tried to turn the planet yet, and Thanos generally does whatever he pleases, without the slightest control of the scriptwriters. There are a lot of questions that the film itself allows itself to joke about: are you, they say, using this only now?

But this is perhaps one of the few complaints about the film. It really worked – funny, large-scale, technically flawless, and after the ending, the Marvel Universe may indeed never be the same. If the authors have the courage not to declare this ending as a dog’s dream in the sequel. Hidden meanings? Ugh. High artistry? Fe. Silly, funny, epic entertainment that sums up all the experience gained over a decade? Yes.

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