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Awesome Tanks – a gift from heaven to the craziest tanks! If you remember “Tanks” on Dendy, then you will definitely appreciate this project. The rules have not changed: take control of a huge war machine and show your opponents who is the strongest here! Your goal is to destroy the enemy vehicles and deal with the final boss.

Awesome Tanks  MOD APK (Free Shopping) 1.352
All Codes Expiration date
52PMA6Q9GKX December 19, 2022
KTZQ6R3Y51 December 21, 2022
ZQT0GLESD November 29, 2022
5W7TAO4VDM0 December 14, 2022
5D86FJQZVRTI December 4, 2022
7Y6C3IRWXSM November 16, 2022
SH6FEUDQLY1 November 16, 2022
AP6I7NCT81 December 5, 2022
BHI21XFGP November 19, 2022
I5HQPYKTGZJ November 11, 2022
JNPKZLG2CV49 November 12, 2022
JNTK0SXPWDR November 16, 2022

You will fight on small maps with entire enemy battalion and many obstacles in the form of walls, crates or boxes. Arrange epic battles, destroy obstacles or show off the talents of a tactical genius. Use the environment wisely, hiding in the bushes to ambush and surprise unsuspecting enemies.

The will to win is not enough. Upgrade the tank to turn it into a real monster and turn enemies to dust. Install improved guns, machine guns and even laser weapons on your combat vehicle. A mod that earns a lot of money will allow you to realize the most ambitious fantasies and make your tank truly invincible.

Secret search. There are many secret locations hidden on the level, find where you will get bonuses and pleasant achievements. And if you decide that nothing can surprise you in this game, switch to survival mode. This is a challenge for the most seasoned tanks. Try to hold out the longest and show off your fighting skills.

There are more than 90 levels available in Awesome Tanks – Cool Tanks. If you don’t have enough of them, you can create your own using a handy editor. Create battle maps, place obstacles, and plan an entire campaign. Share them with your friends and create together. The game’s graphics are stylized as the hit fun of the 90s and are sure to appeal to modern gamers.

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