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Backgammon Live: Board Game – roll the dice on the board, earn points to get into the house before the opponent and get rid of the checkers.

Backgammon Live: Board Game Codes (2023 May) 3.36.366
List of CodesExpiration date
WNIQKG9U1T7August 19, 2022
OEFT2GQ6I3August 8, 2022
3XU1T6KB4August 26, 2022
X6I1OJ8CUNBJuly 27, 2022
PS1DJWOHN5X7August 8, 2022
PRH7W31AIF5July 24, 2022

The classic game of backgammon came to us in ancient times from the East, where it was considered a game for the sages. Nowadays, the developers have tried and transferred the classic game to the screens of our smartphones. This is especially convenient for those who cannot find a partner to play this wonderful game. In addition, now you can be in it at any free moment. The goal of the game is to score enough points and bring the chips to the house before the opponent, then gradually take them off the board. The game begins with the opening of the playing field, on it is an impromptu board with checkers and dice. The dice are rolled sequentially by each player. The number of points rolled indicates the number of steps that one player can take per turn. A won game is bonuses and a rating increase. Improving your skills, you can compete in tournaments with experienced players. The application allows you to play backgammon not only with the system, but also with real network players. This makes the game even more interesting.

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