APK - Updated on December 14, 2022

Bad Granny is a new exciting and intense action game that will tell you about a huge granny. She will live next door to the main character and it will be very interesting for him to learn a lot more about her.

bad granny
  MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.5.0

Everyone calls the protagonist of this exciting game Bob, and he recently ended up in this area. There is a very strange grandmother who lives next door to Bob, and she has an unimaginably huge size. Naturally, she immediately seemed very strange to the main character, and therefore the player from Bad Granny will need to learn a lot more about her. Visit her place of residence and try to get as far as possible. You have to silently explore her house to find something amazing and bad there. The main thing is to do all this as carefully as possible so that she does not find out anything. As soon as this huge granny finds out about you, she will immediately pounce, and with her size, she can just kill you. Complete a huge number of missions in Bad Granny and enjoy beautiful 3D graphics made in the style of a neighbor. You have to steal, solve puzzles and pick locks to get as far as possible. Bad Granny game about neighbors and horrors Huge neighbor granny will definitely not let you go further and therefore you need to use your abilities at the maximum level. Enjoy beautiful 3D graphics and use everything you find in the levels. Such a cool atmosphere allows the hero to feel the tension and intensity of the gameplay. It contains many different sounds that perfectly complement the environment. Bad Granny uses very simple gameplay and easy to learn controls. You can solve hundreds of riddles before you get to the house of the evil granny. Try to solve as many secrets and mysteries as possible, because as a result you will learn everything about the grandmother, and this may shock the hero.

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