Codes - Updated on November 14, 2022

Badlanders is a brand new high-end mobile action game that puts you in the heat of battle in the ruins of civilization. Break into the war zone and try to survive here, traveling through the wastelands in search of valuable loot. Here you can get incredibly rich in an instant or lose absolutely everything, so evaluate your abilities and act according to the situation. Upgrade your equipment, expand your arsenal, accumulate capital and continue to destroy competitors.

 Codes 2022 November 1.7
All Codes Expiration date
E1QZM6DXFBC January 10, 2023
L5ZSB20CWP January 5, 2023
IHN0WQ2XE December 13, 2022
USQB40WE68C December 26, 2022
KYO5687QI9C0 December 26, 2022
BKER2LNYOMV December 30, 2022
Q4F92KLXYBN January 6, 2023
W1TMOGSXP3 November 21, 2022
9EOJ7M1FA December 22, 2022
SE97FMPJ06N November 19, 2022
JCBO1SMUF05Y December 17, 2022
LZJIV92QGRW January 8, 2023

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