Codes New - Updated on July 25, 2022

Balda – prove to everyone that you are not a balda!

List of Redeem Codes Expiration date
98XAZBP6T1C September 4, 2022
7LFST08KVI August 21, 2022
U9BLN5T26 September 5, 2022
VNYLU6T5X4K September 20, 2022
FBDYN3O9PTK8 August 26, 2022
FW8SL5NVQGD September 14, 2022

The game is in the top 10 Russian games in Google Play.

If the game bypassed you as a child, and now you love charades and puzzles like the gallows or erudite, this application will definitely suit you! Catch up and try yourself in the popular and well-known game!

Play against friends or random opponents online, build up your vocabulary with fun activities!

During their school years, many spent many hours competing in the back rows. During the game, the lessons flew one after another. Previously, pieces of paper and pens were needed for the game, from now on all this is in the past! Play directly from your device.

Train your attentiveness, composure and ability to memorize, expand your vocabulary with a fun gameplay.

The game has a fast artificial intelligence, all words are recognized by the bases of words right there, without delay. You can play using dictionaries of either Russian or English. The application supports custom dictionaries. You can play against people online, or in single player mode against an artificial opponent. The time to think about the move can be set in the settings. The playing field can be from 4×4 to 7×7. Look up the meaning of any unfamiliar word. Progress is saved automatically. Player rating is measured using the popular Elo algorithm.

Each level starts with one word in the middle of the field. You need to make a lot of new words out of it. Add a letter per turn and highlight new words horizontally and vertically if they work out. Names are not used in the game, you only need to find the names of objects and phenomena. The goal of the game is to fill the entire playing field with letters. The one with the most points wins. The lines of the highlighted words must not intersect with each other.

Good luck!

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