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Banana Kong is an incredibly cool and popular action game that about 10 million people managed to immerse themselves in. The central character’s name is Banana Kong. He runs through the jungle, caves and trees. He manages to collect a huge amount of bananas and gain experience.

Banana Kong
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X0TVF5AK6J8 November 22, 2022
714S963UQV November 6, 2022
GZKVUES15 October 27, 2022
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WTJX3NF490M November 15, 2022
ONAPRQDFEVG October 29, 2022
9NKUEVSJFA October 17, 2022
L9SKWMC8B November 25, 2022
J375KXNGW1R October 14, 2022
R20PKQ7MOXAB November 28, 2022
HM08T94PUWX November 18, 2022

Jump, run and try to jump over all obstacles. They should never get in your way. A banana avalanche will follow you. Help Kong escape from her as quickly as possible. Control the central character, move your finger across the mobile phone screen and solve various puzzles. Over time, you will have the opportunity to ride a boar or a toucan. On them it will be possible to overcome any obstacles, no matter how big they are. On the way you can meet toothy crocodiles, boulders, lava or piranhas. In general, there are many things here that can destroy you, erase you from the Earth. To try yourself as a monkey, you need to download Banana Kong on your android device. Journey through the open world in the game Banana Kong The application opens up many possibilities for us. Go to competitions with your close friends in the jungle. Look at your own scores, look at your friends’ scores, and compare everything. Over time, the style of the game will be improved, and a bunch of achievements will be unlocked. It turns out interesting, doesn’t it? The game engine makes it possible to get incredible pleasure from passing. Start the game, face numerous obstacles, build some buildings and much more. In fact, there are many possibilities here. Anyone can download Banana Kong for Android, no problems should arise with this. Play with your friends, go through difficult missions and develop as quickly as possible.

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