Game Mobile - Updated on June 20, 2022

Bangbang Rabbit! – an epic fighting game with amazing special effects, exciting battles, and powerful weapons. The main character is a cute hare, capable of destroying any enemy. Controlling a skilled fighter, you can upgrade your combat skills by completing different missions and changing your equipment.

Bangbang Rabbit

Explore the ancient world

The cute protruding ears spoil the gloomy image of a warrior, making him more or less formidable. But let the enemy not be deceived! The hare will have to explore several fairy-tale worlds, defeat more than a dozen opponents, clear dungeons, and save civilians. Neither he nor the gamer knows how the road will end, but the adventure is more interesting.

In-game quest

You can combine attacks by observing the results of the experiments in an animated match. Enemies also differ in their characteristics: some are easy to defeat, others will have to work hard, but the rewards are higher. Over time, gamers will find a super key combo to finish the match beautifully, toppling enemies on the spot!

Fighting in many styles

There are many combinations of skills, their number will increase with each level up. The side view provides a complete overview of what’s happening. Mortal Kombat style combat, various locations – all elements of a realistic action are collected in the game! All achievements are saved automatically and every time the player resumes from where he left off.

Download ( V1.0.9 )
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