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Barboskins: Supermarket game – the fun adventures of the Barboskins continue in this game. Now they will go to the store, where they will have to buy all the necessary products and goods.

Barboskins Supermarket Game
 Codes (2023 January) 1.5.5
All Codes Expiration date
ZIE09LGKQBS December 26, 2022
OYZCQX8A3D January 31, 2023
7AEX3TU1R December 13, 2022
0GI19SUCJEL February 9, 2023
8DOFU32ECSY0 February 2, 2023
6ZCLJ1W9DSB January 5, 2023
QUKH6F5OB8N January 12, 2023
6O09NPUJKX December 20, 2022
HP1W48YCJ December 23, 2022
FLM4YZBJA38 January 5, 2023
P2QDV783O5SR January 24, 2023
8PFA906USQ7 January 14, 2023

The Barboskins’ mother compiled a complete list of products and goods that would need to be purchased at the supermarket. Together with funny characters from the animated series, go look for everything you need and collect according to the list. The gameplay is very conveniently built, in which the entire list is displayed at the top of the smartphone. It is very convenient to follow him and see what else is missing to buy. Browse in the Barboskins: Supermarket Game a lot of showcases, put the goods in the basket, make sure that the rest of the Barboskin family does not get lost and just go through a bunch of levels. As always, the developers have tried and made the animation in the game fully consistent with the cartoon. Choose a parent and character before you go, and then the fun shopping process begins. Barboskins Game Features: Supermarket Game

  • Heroes of a funny animated series about the Barboskins;
  • Educational game process for kids;
  • Beautiful graphics and cool animation;
  • Traveling to the supermarket;
  • The genre of search for items in the grocery.

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