Codes New - Updated on January 8, 2023

Immerse yourself in powerful epic battles in online arenas against players around the world. You must download Battle Arena – Catch Monsters for Android and feel the pleasure of this amazing game. You can collect a huge variety of monsters, so that later you can take part in epic adventures with them. You will have to carry out the evolution of your monsters, and turn them into even more powerful ones. These creepy creatures will have to defeat your opponents and bring even more gold. Use a large number of items and elements to level up your monsters and fight as a team with legendary heroes.

Battle Arena – Catch Monsters
 Codes (2023 January) 5.25.2
All Codes Expiration date
85K6PBU9DOH January 28, 2023
RBKLIG2AFU January 27, 2023
YO07SJMKI January 28, 2023
8VAPDJG50ZT January 12, 2023
AHY3RMFLUJ02 February 13, 2023
SXK9CYFGPLD January 21, 2023
F8T5V36IXPB January 10, 2023
WQ1PNRUG8B January 23, 2023
J0UCDASQP January 21, 2023
Z57GCW6LBYH March 6, 2023
FJCYI6ND10P7 January 12, 2023
CXLGTPO6EJ8 February 1, 2023

Those who decide to download Battle Arena – Catch Monsters for Android will have a wide range of gameplay options:

  • More than a thousand of the most diverse monsters, fantastic creatures and dragons;
  • Huge living and beautifully recreated fantasy world;
  • Multiplayer game mode with your friends or battles in arenas against online players;
  • Modes to participate in additional puzzles and quests with exclusive rewards;
  • Participation in the global ranking race and the opportunity to become the leader of the table;
  • Options and settings for a unique avatar for yourself.

Tons of fantastic monsters This game will leave a lot of impressions on the players due to its features and capabilities. You will have to explore this huge fantasy world and constantly try to find something new and interesting. Gather as many monsters as possible together and carry out their evolution. Reach the maximum level, and then defeat epic monsters. You can get together with your friends in alliances, so that later you can communicate and discuss your collection of monsters together. Just think, you can collect more than a thousand monsters with their own special characteristics.

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