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A 2D anime-style RPG fighting game, a chef simulator and a match-3 puzzle – they’re not a couple, not even a trio, right? However, the authors of the Battle Chef Brigade managed to combine all this famously in the game, where the replica “Why are they cooking my chicken cutlet for so long? Are they running after a chicken, with an ax? – not a joke, but the harsh truth of life.Battle Chef Brigade game review

Mina cannot die in battles – having lost her health, she will also lose time and again go to extract ingredients from living creatures.

Monsters – to slaughter and to the kitchen!

The fantasy kingdom of Victusia seemed to be destined for a typical fate – centuries ago, the country was besieged by crowds of monsters, but then the savior heroes came and saved everyone, which is logical. But the heroes were King Henry and his personal … chef Robuchon. Having cut all the villains, they fed the inhabitants of the kingdom with them and saved them from hunger. Since then, monsters and other living creatures have not only been killed here, but also cooked right there – some kind of steak from the paws of a dragon and the heart of a harpy, for example.

This is done by members of an elite brigade of combat chefs, whom everyone loves and respects. The competition for admission to it, to put it mildly, is very high – for selection, even an annual tournament is held under royal patronage, in which the best chefs from all over the kingdom participate. Young Mina Khan, the main character of the Battle Chef Brigade, also dreamed of getting into the tournament and for this she fled to the capital from a small family restaurant located in her native village on the edge of the country.

Smack and lots of fights

Actually, the whole game consists in the fact that Mina takes turns challenging opponents to culinary duels, which are evaluated by picky judges. Meals must be prepared within the allotted time.

The cooking process consists of two parts. First, we slice all kinds of monsters, extracting the right ingredients of different colors. It is presented as a 2D fighting game with platform elements: Mina famously jumps over ledges and beats up various creatures on the ground and in the air, throws daggers and even sometimes uses magic, launching painful whirlwinds in different directions.

After filling her bag with the remains of the enemies, she runs to the kitchen, throws the ingredients into the cauldrons and pots, and begins to cook. Here the well-known mini-game “three in a row” begins – the giblets turn into stones of different colors (represent the elements of earth, fire, water and air), which must be put in a row. The more efficiently we do this, the greater the value of the dish, expressed in points, and the closer we are to victory.

Battle Chef Brigade game review

In addition to the story campaign, there are also mission and challenge modes in which you can play not only as Mina, but also as the orc cook Thrash.

True, the judges can take off points – if the dish was not served on the table on time, leaving it in the kitchen, or if the component declared by the jury (that is, the color) does not prevail in it. Accordingly, it is not necessary to collect the ingredients all in a row, but precisely those from that beast that meet the necessary criteria.


According to this scheme, with some variations, all culinary fights take place. The action takes place in the capital – we won’t see any trips around the country as part of a brigade of combat chefs, which Mina dreamed about. And the locations where we cut monsters are not so many, and they are not as spacious and diverse as we would like.

And this routine could well have ruined the Battle Chef Brigade, if not for several important factors. The first and most important thing is that there is a plot, and a very interesting one. On the way to the cherished goal, Mina is waiting for the unraveling of the tangle of conspiracy that has matured in the brigade itself, and even a forced trip to her native land, followed by a triumphant return to the capital.

All teachers, judges and opponents in culinary fights are well-written personalities with their own characters and motives. Mina communicates with the orc Trash (he even has several episodes in history dedicated to him), a two-headed cyclops, undead in the guise of a young guy, an elf named Leonid, a grumpy old man Caesar and other colorful comrades.

Battle Chef Brigade game review

The artists would like to say a special thank you!

Secondly, in the city you can still complete three types of tasks – hunt monsters, work in a restaurant where you need to cook dishes for a while, collecting the given combinations of stones, and also solve puzzles in the local alchemy workshop. For all this, Mina receives money that can be spent in the shop of the two-headed cyclops in order to buy various upgrades – both for combat (for example, daggers that stun enemies or set them on fire), and for the kitchen (like pots, in which stones of one or a different element, moreover, according to the “two in a row” scheme).

It’s all about the nuances

There are a lot of details in the Battle Chef Brigade, and the conditions of culinary fights are constantly becoming more complicated, forcing us to cook two or three servings at the same time, withstanding the given elements.

Rivals in culinary fights become stronger, and monsters do not let you get bored – some of them even begin to steal and eat our prey. In the mechanics of “three in a row” interesting details also appear, such as brittle stone-stones, poisoned ingredients, or the ability to repaint one stone with the help of others in the desired color. There is no time to think about the routine – even at the normal level of difficulty you are constantly on your toes, replay unsuccessful fights so as not to finish the game ahead of schedule, visit training arenas, trying out various new pots, seasonings and pans.

All this is complemented by very nice hand-drawn graphics with a touch of anime style, humor, interesting dialogues and funny situations. The same Caesar, despite his grouchiness, at some point begins to write love letters to the owner of the local restaurant, and our Mina will also take a certain part in this.

Battle Chef Brigade game review

A constantly ticking timer makes you think and stack stones faster.


We have already seen simulation games of some fantasy taverns, shops and ateliers with role-playing and combat elements. The Battle Chef Brigade is perhaps the best of them all. The Trinket Studios debut, of course, still lacks variety, country travel, and the more conscious, full-on hallmarks of a self-contained JRPG. But even in this form, this is a great example of a non-standard approach to inherently standard game mechanics – and in every sense it tastes very good!

Pros: intriguing plot; charismatic characters; a very interesting and exciting combination of different game mechanics; humor; nice graphics; expressive sound.

Cons: sometimes the monotony and routine of the gameplay affects.

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