Codes New - Updated on December 11, 2022

Battle Horn is fierce battles in the palm of your hand. A vibrant fantasy world awaits its adventurers. Learn powerful spells, explore mysterious lands and become stronger with every battle. A variety of mini-games will be great fun, so do not miss the opportunity to participate in them. Grimwold needs brave heroes, and only you can help the magical kingdom. Go to his defense and become a legendary warrior in these glorious lands.

Battle Horn
 Gift Codes (2023 February)
All Codes Expiration date
NQWZ2ASPHFC January 16, 2023
ZMCAFN3Q69 February 4, 2023
WOPVR8TDF January 17, 2023
6YKGBA3ELDR January 11, 2023
KM65Z41W093N December 22, 2022
TIYXSL05V24 January 15, 2023
K1CYEI096BP February 7, 2023
TJQIVU6XOG January 14, 2023
YZE30Q1HP January 28, 2023
75CWL6VHZP0 February 6, 2023
EY8IP1M4KJZL January 12, 2023
TOQ82RFD4M7 December 14, 2022

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