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Battle Legion – Mass Battler is an excellent online battle simulator, and the battle process takes place automatically. First, the gamer must create an army, select fighters to arm them to estimate their chances. Then register to participate in battles. A large number of units and unique skins allow you to create a truly individual army, using your imagination and the experience of previous similar games. The gamer himself will be a kind of commander, whose rank will increase with each supported victory.

Battle Legion - Mass Battler

The number of battles is endless, so even losing will not be a shame, because any loss can bring valuable experience. Take into account your mistakes, consider options and prepare better for the next fight. By distributing the available funds to purchase powerful weapons and good equipment for your warriors, which of course will increase the chances of winning.

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Features of Battle Legion – Mass Battler

  • funny military simulator with the ability to create and upgrade your army.
  • the mod for money works.
  • included a system of quick battles of an automatic nature, each of which lasts 20 seconds.
  • you can choose your warriors and flag.
  • the gameplay is very simple; you need to assemble an army; then it fights on its own.
  • developers update content every two weeks.
  • a large community of players.
  • beautiful graphics and sound effects, the camera are on top, which allows you to track the whole process.

hack Battle Legion

The battle all takes place online, so the opponents are real people. It is impossible to predict the outcome of each collision. What makes the process especially exciting. Gradually, you can acquire the best equipment and weapons to upgrade your fighters. In addition to ordinary soldiers, there may be mythical creatures in the squad

Download ( V2.7.1 )
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