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A world where evil demons conspire to destroy peace. The rise of Battle Towers as a demonic world led to protracted wars. Now the righteous warriors have gathered collectively. Regardless of who has opposing or non-discriminatory views. But when the peace of civilization and the land they hold. Harassed and threatened, they will always agree.

The energy accumulated by brave heroes. It will be a gentle hope full of life for your entire inhabited land. Protect the young and good assets inherent in the land you are living in. Together with teammates, create a miracle that resonates in the sky. Write e-books with wise stories and achievements. You are usually a commander of well-intentioned heroes.

Battle Towers

Cell tower

March together with your mighty warriors in a great tower. This place seems to be where the troops use it as a base. Moreover, a tool to help heroes fight monsters in Battle Towers. The turret ability seems to be exhausted when the opponent has huge attack health. So filter out those who intend to destroy your tower. Upgrade and evolve the tower as you like.

Get more rewards

Just one simple move and you have an instant gift. From receiving gifts when finishing the assigned system tasks. As far as rewards from game events. Guarantee customers will get rich in a short time with unlimited money. In order not to stall, you have a technique to generate revenue by collaborating on copies. Just fill in the match correctly to get the reward.

Summoner Magic

For each player, there will seem to be different summoner spells. You will need to unlock the add-on features and improve them. Allows your attack towers to acquire Battle Towers components with attributes. That’s why every time you stage effectively. Patrons will feel a marked change in vitality. The higher the level, the higher the power. That is why it is necessary to work hard to improve.

Download ( V2.0.4 )
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