News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Today, March 8, Battlefield 2042 will receive update 3.3. The authors shared details about it, including a demonstration of a full leaderboard, and talked about the next patch.

Full leaderboard

The left side of the table shows general information about the match, including the progress of the task, personal ping and your number of kills, deaths and assists.

To the right, there are blocks for each of the teams that display the performance of all players in the Capture, Breakthrough, Assault, and Team Deathmatch modes.

This is the first version of the new table. It will continue to be improved in subsequent updates based on community feedback.

Other changes


  • Fixed a crash that occurred on Origin and Xbox One when logging in and out of an account while using an Xbox One controller.

  • Chat button remapping no longer requires a game restart to take effect.

  • Aim assist on consoles now works even if the stick is fully deflected to either side. Previously, in the extreme positions of the stick, help did not work.

  • Fixed an issue where last hits would not result in a kill on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • The European data center was moved to Frankfurt.


  • Capture and Breakthrough – Fixed a bug due to which the “Defend Target” event was triggered after the point was completely captured.

  • “Dangerous area”:
    • Fixed a visual bug displaying squad mates while searching for a match.

    • Fixed a bug due to which sometimes no experience was awarded at the end of the round.

Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle

Gold and Ultimate edition owners, Year 1 Pass owners, and EA Play Pro subscribers will receive a bundle with the launch of the update. Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle:

  • Zero Resistance skin for McKay.

  • Skin Grasshopper for K30.

  • Rapid Hammer skin for M44.

  • Iron Chariot for M5C Bolte.

  • Rib Tickler skin for melee weapons.

  • Resolute background for player card.

  • The Steadfast badge for the player card.

You will find these items on the collection and player card screens.

next update

He will add to Battlefield 2042 a wider range of changes and fixes, including:

  • VOIP feature for squads.

  • Updated leaderboard at the end of the round.

  • Balancing weapons and vehicles, including the M5C Bolte.

  • Processing body kits for infantry weapons.

The update will be released in early April.

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