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Battles is a Gun games 3d offline fps game where you used to be an fps shooter, a fun 3d shooting game to play 3d shooter offline. All you should do is find out your next steps in the new shooting game and understand why accurate fps shooting missions in the next shooting game’s Exact frame is to load the most memorable version.

BattleOps Mod APK 1.4.15 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Best game ever no lagging issues. Its so good and ever since i downloaded this game it brings me joy but can anyone plss fix that when its mission complete it always add adds please do a common way to fix it. Best graphics offline in the world which I never seen so that I give 5star to this game. The aim is not steady and it loads to slow. Thanks to make it offline improve more high graphics. Nice game I love this game.

Play it offline, thank me later . It is really boring after addition of online mode during gameplay which originaly did not exist get a fix on that and it will improve. Am Soo much in love with this game this game is among the top 10 best games that I have ever played...I recommend people to download this game . They say the game is offline but in reality the game was online and show us annoying ads in between flights. It says it is offline game.But it is online..

Just what i needed offline and online multiplayer. Hdkd,d[d Osls]'sms6slds[s. Good game but when I installed it and played it I thought it was offline but it is online.?. The Game Is So Good. For My Opinion I Would Say That This Ga.... Good game with good graphics but I rate it 3 star becase of two problems there is no battleroyal mode and it is an offline game..

This game before I was playing offline but naw is need data Why,,,,?. bro I have only small screen support this game what do. I thought this game was an offline???. This is no offline game is just a scam, too many ads so bad. Best game ever broo.this is what I like about this game 1.The graphics are good zombie mode look real 3.In campaign still looks real becoz of the terrorists and hostedges look realistic 4.and in multiplayer is like playing a play station.

It's very good game to play and I think we will get a better finish thanks. For one this does not play offline. 2nd you cant press pause because an ad is blocking the pause button. 3rd and final ads blocking pause button we cant turn off the assistance modes which makes one feel like theyre cheating. Please fix these Problems and allow the game to go back to being offline like it was 2-3 years ago. This version is just a waste of data.. Best game ever ,,so easy to play and also addictive. This game is fun and didnt take a lot of space but there 2 thing need to be fix or change 1.multiplayer on this is a bit fun but all players is bots, not a single player even so pls make a real multiplayer 2.updates is so lacky, you can just make very small updates like bug fixes, broken things etc.. I hate it it says its offline but its nott worst game ever.

Horrible click bait it is very rough and jerky having 0 smoothness when aiming and over all is a poorly done game regret the download deleting soon also not offline like they claim. Devs don't bother giving me a bs sweet talk reply telling me to contact you with more details and all that bs.. LA La La La La La. The game is no longer offline, why??? And please make the money making a bit easy. I love the game because it's offline and the grafics are good it's one of my 5 best shooting games. The app is good but it isn't offline as advertised,I'm very disappointed.

The first offline game I like him. Please remove the ad. It is very annoying to play the game.. Otherwise I am enjoying the game... I really bet this game would be great from the comments so far, it's said to be offline but it keeps asking for Internet whenever I want to play offline, immediately after installation, tried to uninstall and reinstall again but its keeps saying the same. Please work it out so I can enjoy it too. Thanks. The game is good but please work more on it just to make it better. Hi devs,are you sure that this game is offline? because I can't open this game if I don't have an internet connection and it says "Please check your internet connection and restart the game".

This game is very good and it realistic verson it lile call of duty. Best game I love that it's offline but I want to hang out with the boys online like free fire. This game is very super and fentastic game. This game's profile is like duplicate game. But this game's mb is very high so i think this game is super lests install. Bro this game is very good. It's good game but not complete till now all season is not complete that's why I don't like it.

Very good game and high class too.. Gud thou we need more updates. I can't play this game offline.l don't understand why.when I download the app and start playing,it tells me to check network connection and restart it.. this is the game that i want to. Your Next Game Refuse to use internet It is Your Mestake, And this Is one of My Flawar it Game.

It looks like cod but low mb. Because i got 3 stars in game before i gives you stars i want to say that the ads in thi game is so angering so i give you 3 stars okkkkkkkkkk. BattleOps said a this is an offline game but it's online why it's online I said so please gawin ninyong offline Yung battleops ! U ` U and please update again and that the game is offline before I in 2021 to now 2023 and how this such a fake game so I'm gonna wait for update before I 5 this game and I'm gonna wait until I wait!!!. Is this still offlline can't play without wifi. what the heck, last time I played this game it was offline now I'm playing it again its saying connect to a wifi network pls if ur game is online say it is online don't let me waste my data downloading rubbish.

The fact that is says offline but is not so that's why don't play the game your wasting your time but dev pls make the game offline like the discretion says. Very good graphics, five star over all. The game is not good this game is online. please offline the game. Is the game online because i opened it and it is saying no connection and it is written offline here. Wow Dis game is my love.

Great game alot of modes,customizations,guns and the graphics are exceptional you can tell that these guys put alot of work into it.i downloaded this game because it was one of the few high graphic multiplayer games that work on slow androids and it does,although my one issue are the lags it really gets on my nerves plzz find a way to reduce the lags my phone maybe slow but it's not the main cause,other than that i absolutely recommend this game to anyone looking for a good gaming experience.. Don't bother, good graphics, awesome gameplay but the game is slow and full of ads, described as offline but is not. Great game no lag and easy controll. It says it's offline why when I play it need internet please fix these. It's an amazing game. My second time of down loading this game in different phones. Why I'm rating it four stars is because it's freezes for some seconds before it continues to shoot or moves in any direction of ur choice before then, the enemies have squeeze bloods out of you or defeated..

This game doesn't work offline why. I do not recommend this game anymore, it's not offline u need internet to play, another good offline game gone bad. Trash.....It requires me internet connection to play just to display ads...I tried playing it offline and it says it requires internet connection... DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS TRASH ITS USELESS...THE DEVOLOPERS ONLY CREATED THIS GAME TO HAVE TONS OF MONEY BY DISPLAYING TONS OF ANNOYING ADS AND WON'T LET YOU PLAY OFFLINE. IF I COULD JUST RATE THIS TRASH 0 STARS.... Reminded me of the Red Baron and I'm really into modern stuff from World War I love it. Awesome gameplay,BattleOps makes my day when I play this game..

Good game graphics are ok. Please add parachute in this game to more thrilling. I have to delete because I have been using my data to play the game...... Guy this is nonsense godforbid why e no gree download watin Dy sup na God take control No b say I no get space o.. This app na nonsense. You can play this game only in online. Way too many ads Barely enjoying the game.

This game is very good and i can play in very smoothly it is very nice game. Great game make more like it. Challenge you to get it done. Have fun . Its not offline... download bait haha. I rated this game five stars at first but now I'm rating it one star because it is no more offline as it was you have to turn on your data b4 you can play..

The game is very amazing but the bad thing and the annoying thing it need internet to enter and the is offline! I wanna you do remove this annoying trash notification.

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